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The CTU Master Certificate Program

Earn Your Medical Marijuana Certificate Online! Over 9 Hours of Video Training Courses Taught By Medical Marijuana Industry Experts


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Medical Marijuana Laws & Regulations

In this 90 minute introductory course, James Clark, Esq., one of the nation’s leading medical marijuana defense attorneys walks students through the history of medical marijuana legislation and the current status of applicable laws & regulations


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Learn How to Grow Big, Potent, Robust Buds

Cannabis Training University is the world's leading online marijuana school


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Grow Cup Winning Marijuana

Learn How To Grow From Cannabis-Cup Winning Growers


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Learn How to Open a Dispensary

An inside view into the business basics needed to successfully open and operate your own Medical Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery Service.


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Become A Certified Budtender

Go inside some of the leading medical marijuana dispensaries and see first-hand what managers are looking for in a Budtender.


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Cannabis Cooking & Extractions

Come inside our kitchen at CTU and see first-hand how to successfully become the next cannabis gourmet.


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International Student Admissions

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CTU Alumni Represent More Than 20 Countries

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Cannabis Training University Help Students Grow

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The Many Things You Will Learn.


How To Grow Weed


Bud Tending Training


Cannabis Cooking

You will get an exclusive look at how to successfully grow medical marijuana.

Instructors include the scientists behind the nutrient which is the winner of multiple Cannabis Cups in Holland. 


See first-hand what managers are looking for in a Budtender. 

Learn to be a successful patient relation specialist. Gain all the knowledge you will need to land this exciting position. 


Our cooking instructors are some of the most successful cannabis chefs in the industry.

Watch as they share cooking tips and secrets that cannot be found at any other school. 

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Growing Marijuana


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Cooking + Extractions


Get the Cannabis eBook
The Complete Marijuana Guide

Get the Cannabis eBook- The Complete Marijuana Guide

This 500+ Page Marijuana e-Book is Included with your enrollment in The CTU Master Certificate Program.

The 420 eBook is a compliment to our Online Video Courses, it offers a wealth of information, a must have for any 420 enthusiast! 

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How Do I Earn My Certificate?


The Cannabis Training University was developed to provide quality and comprehensive medical marijuana education to students across the globe.


Our Courses are Offered Online Only and are available to Students Anytime 24/7/365.

Each course has been carefully designed and is presented in an easy-to-learn method that other marijuana schools fail to offer.


Simply complete our short Enrollment form, Successfully Pay Your Tuition Fee with any Major Credit Card,

Get Immediate Access to Start Viewing the Course Videos.


The Master Certificate Exam is available at any time during your active enrollment period.

You can attempt the Online  Exam as many times as needed.


Learn more on how to grow marijuana . . .   Learn about our courses . . .   Enroll Now in a cannabis college online . . .   Learn about marijuana certification . . .