Benefits of the THC Patch

THC Patch

The THC patch has a wide range of benefits that we would like to inform you about. First, though, you need to know what it is, if you don’t already do. It is pretty much a thinly made plastic that is layered with adhesive. In other words, it looks like a band-aid. It is also infused with THC. You can use it as a pain reliever. All you would do is to apply the THC patch as you would a band-aid on your skin or any area of the body that has pain such as the wrist, ankle, arm, forehead and legs. As your body heats up, it activates the THC patch, causing it to discharge a small amount of THC, which goes through the skin and enters the bloodstream.

Does it Get You High?

Let’s deal with whether you will get high from the THC patch or not. Well, the answer is a resounding NO!  The patch will not get you high. Why? Well, the cannabinoids in the THC are absorbed slowly instead of all at once. This is good for people who want to use the THC patch for medicinal use and not for that psychoactive effect that makes you high.  So, if you want to get the medical benefits from cannabinoids, you would consider THC patches.

Recreational Marijuana Users

If you are a recreational marijuana user and you like to get high, this is not the recommendation for you. It is best that you choose a strong marijuana strain to smoke instead. You should leave these patches for the people that are trying to get well. Now, let’s take a look at transdermal THC patches and see how they work.

The Transdermal THC Patch

When you put the patch on your skin, the cannabinoid is delivered slowly and gradually with some concentration inside the skin. The cannabinoid will spread out as if it is moving downward in an incline. It is similar to pouring hot water into a coffee cup and allowing it to sit on the counter. The water is hot, but the in the atmosphere around will not have the same level of heat. The heat will spread into the atmosphere as smoke comes out of the cup.

The same is true for the THC patch. As the cannabinoids move deep into the skin, the bloodstream absorbs it and then it goes to the bran and throughout the entire body.  This is called transdermal delivery because the cannnabinoid bypasses essential organs such as the stomach, liver and lungs and goes straight to affected area and so you get all of the medicinal value from the THC patch.

Matrix THC Patch

Not all the THC patches are the same. The matrix THC patch is one of the most popular on the market. The patch construction is the main difference among patches. The matrix patch is infused with THC as an adhesive. The Reservoir THC patch is infused as a solution (in gel form). It is released through the membrane located between the adhesive, reservoir and the skin. Another difference is the THC dosage.

The Benefits

There are specific benefits to using the THC patch. It is time released and provides relief of pain, slowly, but in enough time as to make the recipient feel the relief. It is also said to benefit people with anxiety issues. Apply it on the wrist or arm for best results. The dosage might last long enough to give the relief that you need. One other benefit is that when it is placed on the wrist or arm, it is discreet and not something that is noticeable right away. Learn more about the THC patch at the Cannabis Training University.

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