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There are some new marijuana trends in Canada as the market continues to mature in 2019. Many businesses are experimenting on products that will drive the consumer to the market and the black market dealers have found out what it is like to compete with retail stores.

Globally, people are watching these marijuana trends in Canada to see whether full legalization is paying off or not. As it is playing out on the market's landscape, people are getting a close up look as to how all of this will pan out. So far, it doesn't look bad.

The Essentials

One of the primary questions on the table is how the consumer's personal taste is going to shape the profits of so many new marijuana retailers and producers. After you consider pricing, the other essential consideration for making a buying decision is the kind of product that the retailer makes available to the consumer.

Each province does feature its own unique products; most of which are diverse, but the main product is the flower varieties- about ninety seven of them altogether. That is the most of what you would find in any given province. For other products and their availability, it is probably going to be a hit or miss for a while until things starting going into gear and profits telling the story.

Consumer's Taste

Some of the marijuana trends that have not been in existent yet are oils, gel capsules and sprays. These product shortages have been no help to retailers and consumers alike because businesses have not discovered the things that drive consumer's taste. In 2019, marijuana trends are leaning towards the improvement of supply issues that Canada is currently having. When the supply is more consistent, it will provide retailers with a better sense of what would drive the consumer's taste.

Noticeable Change

The most noticeable change that you will see for 2019 might come with an additional form of legalization. Why? Well, edibles and infused beverages were omitted when Canada's Cannabis Act was passed. The government wanted more time to create various regulations before allowing edibles and infused beverages to be available for retail on the cannabis market. The government did not want to confuse people that do not consume marijuana with alternative products like these and so the semantics had to be worked out.


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Another thing that concerns the Canadian government is the issue with labeling of these products. The government is trying to avoid what took place in the state of Colorado in the United States where several children ate cannabis edibles and ended up in the emergency room. So, one of the marijuana trends is the introduction of edibles and cannabis-infused beverages, but with the right labeling and with the right regulations.

The Prime Minister

Prime Minister Trudeau and his government are going to give it a year to get these regulations for cannabis-infused beverages and edibles in order. The date that they are striving for is October 17, 2019, which would be a year since full marijuana legalization. For this reason, Canadian cannabis businesses are ramping up to produce edibles in advance.

Most business owners realize that edibles will be popular among seasoned marijuana users. For the seasoned user, cannabis oils are available right now for purchase where edibles can be made in the home for personal use.

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Final Thoughts

The marijuana trends for edibles have increased expectations that by 2022, profits will quadruple both in the United States and Canada. Some experts think that edibles will grow to four billion dollars in the cannabis market by that time. It is a similar reaction in the cannabis-infused beverage market. Learn more about marijuana trends in the industry by visiting the Cannabis Training University's blog page.

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