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It can be difficult to keep all the cannabis jargon in your head, especially if you don't know much about marijuana.

You have to admit too that there are times when you feel embarrassed upon walking into a dispensary and don't remember the name of a strain or the size in grams of weed that you want to purchase.

You wonder why the dispensary don't just use basic terms such as small, medium and large. If you were to relate this to cannabis, it would be low, medium and high quality instead of describing it in size.

To describe the quality of marijuana in slang, you would hear terms like mids, headies, regs and beasters.

There is an obvious reason for using cannabis jargon. Back in time, when it was illegal to buy and consume weed, avid users had to use these cannabis jargon to disguise their activities from the law.

And most cannabis users would not want to take the chance of being arrested and that is why they used code words or cannabis jargon to camouflage their actions. In fact, most people are aware that the marijuana plant is called ‘Mary Jane. Marijuana jargon is very often used. 

Creativity and Imagination

And in addition, getting high does open up the user to a whole other experience, imagination and creativity and so there are more chances to come up with cannabis jargon.

It is in the same way that other people will make up certain terms as description to suit their own environment and personal experiences.

There are just some things that the English language does not do justice to and cannabis seems to be one of them.

It is a lot of fun to speak about terms that those on the outside don't know about, but your associate or friend will know. In fact, this builds rapport and a connection between stoners; drawing people who do the same thing close together.

cannabis jargon. slang words for weed. stoner spelled out in a spoonful of noodles

The Cannabis Jargon

When you really get into everything, it is just good fun. Now, let us go back to what is really important. We are going to introduce you to potential cannabis jargon; some of them, you might already know.

So get ready! When you are talking about the quality of weed, the cannabis jargon used as mentioned above are headies, regs, beasters and mids. It would be like the difference between a fast food restaurant's food and a high end restaurant's food.

You might choose the fast food when you are on the run, but if you are looking for quality, it would be the latter. When you talk about the quality of marijuana, you would look at its appearance, effects, flavor, concentration, and the price.

The lowest form of quality for any marijuana strain is described as ‘Regs,” which comes from the word “dregs.” So when you walk into a ocal marijuana dispensary, you would ask for Sour Diesel or Purple Kush regs, if you are looking for something cheap and you are not so keen on quality.

Some people use other cannabis jargon instead of ‘regs' and these could be dirt weed, popcorn, ditch weed, Bobby Brown, bottom shelf and brick weed. The marijuana dispensary owners will usually pre-package these low quality marijuana strains because of their low quality.

And they are pre-package in large portions and that is why they are called ‘brick weed.' If you look closely, you will see seeds and stems inside the package and so it is going to be your job to pick these out yourself. The same low quality is true for the flavor, concentration, effects and price.

Slang Words For Cannabis

Terminologies for Cannabis (The Plant)

One prevalent word for cannabis is “weed.”
Ganja: Hindi-derived word.
Dope: A common term in rap music, particularly in Ireland.
Reefer: An old-fashioned name for cannabis.
Herb: Draws attention to the botanical element.
Pot is a commonly used word.
Grass: A common color in the 1960s and 1970s.
Hash: Alludes to the cannabis concentration known as hashish.
Chronic: Indicates superior cannabis.
Mary Jane: An allusion to the way marijuana is pronounced in Spanish.
420: Linked to the culture of cannabis.
Bud: The plant's blossom.
Afghan: A less used phrase.
Another name for marijuana is Aunt Mary.
Cannabis slang term “ashes”
Bhang: A customary cannabis beverage from India.
Blaze: To puff on marijuana.
Broccoli: A more recent word for cannabis.
Dank: Excellent, strong cannabis.
chuckle Smoke: A lighthearted word for pot.
Hay: Subpar marijuana.
Toke: To take a puff of marijuana smoke.
Astro turf
Satan's Broccoli
The Devil's Lettuce
Chernobyl Yarndi
Happy Green
Crazy Backy
The Green Tank of Mary weeds
Sinners Kale
Big Man's Alfalfa

Nicknames for Users of Cannabis

Stoner: An enthusiastic user.
A pothead is a frequent cannabis user.
A toker is a cannabis smoker.
Junkie: A pejorative term that is frequently used inaccurately to refer to heavy users.
Burnout: A term used to describe an excessive cannabis user.
Ent: A phrase from “Lord of the Rings,” which the cannabis community has borrowed.
Growers: People who raise cannabis plants.
Florists: Growers of cannabis given a poetic title.

Words for Effects of Consumption

High: Cannabis' energizing, intellectual effects.
Stoned: The stronger, more sedative impact.
Baked: Heavily impaired by cannabis.
Blazed: The state of being elevated.
Couch-locked: Very stoned and unable to move.
Fried: Exceptionally high, frequently uncomfortable.
Blitzed: Extremely elevated, akin to “blazed”

These are widely used words that varies throughout communities and areas in the cannabis culture. They are an expression of the varied and imaginative discourse that has emerged around the usage of cannabis.

Final Thoughts

In terms of other cannabis jargon, “Mids” means medium quality. Headies and Beasters are descriptive of two different levels of quality; one is a lower high and the other is a higher high.

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Stoner slang and slang for getting high, hemp terminology and nicknames for blunts are all types of cannabis jargon.

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A look Into cannabis jargon shows there are plenty of slang cannabis terms out there!

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