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For a long time, cannabis enthusiasts would smoke cannabis using a bong. In fact, bongs were renowned devices for years because of the potent and smooth experience that it produced. Bongs are made in different shapes and sizes. You would find one that is simple and basic and then another that is complicated and flamboyant. No matter which one you choose, it is still important to know just how to use it.

The Process

A bong is a great way to consume cannabis or as some would say ‘smoke cannabis.' It is an iconic method that has existed for a long time. The bong is a device that comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes and colors. It sometimes comes as a plastic tube or at times, it comes as a large rig featuring glass work and an ice chamber. Many experts think that in comparison to joints or spliffs, the bong is a healthier method of smoking cannabis.

Bongs are also known as water pipes, featuring a cylinder-like structure that has a wide base, which holds the water. When you smoke cannabis using a bong, the smoke travels first through the water prior to inhaling it. So, you get a smoother experience than you do with a joint. You will hear the water bubbling as the smoke passes through, giving you a nostalgic feeling and therapeutic experience.

Using the Bong

When you get ready to smoke cannabis using a bong, you would place the tube's opening against your mouth, applying the flame to the bowl where you placed the cannabis. You would gently inhale so the tube can be filled with smoke. Depending on the structure of your bong, you would put a finger over a small hole while you inhale or you would attach the tube to the bowl and then pull the smoke through the tube. The process is quite simple when it comes to bongs since they are the traditional method used to smoke cannabis. Let's now look at some of the benefits of using the bong.

The Benefits

First of all bongs are one of the easiest methods of smoking cannabis. The device is simple to operate. All you have to do is to light up the bowl and begin to inhale from the tube or mouthpiece. Bongs are the easiest to use to smoke cannabis as it compares to the blunt or joint. There is nothing to roll or grind. You don't need any external device except for your lighter, cannabis bud and possibly a mesh screen.


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When you smoke cannabis using a bong, you get a smoother hit. And the reason for the smoothness is the smoke passing through the water in the bowl. The water cools down the actual smoke, resulting in a satisfying and less harsh experience while inhaling. In other words, the water filters the smoke in various ways, removing harsh substances. If you have a glass bong, you will get a smoother hit because they don't leave residue in your water.

You will also get a bigger hit with the bong when you smoke cannabis. For example, if you were to roll a joint to smoke, it could take you up to fifteen minutes to feel the THC effect. With the bong, the hit comes pretty quickly and it comes in waves, giving you an immediate high from the rush of THC.

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The Durability

Bongs are quite sustainable and durable and will last you for years, if you adequately take care of your device. This is quite appealing to folks with an eco-friendly stance. While you probably have to pay a fair amount for your bong, it will work out to be cost effective and cost efficient in the long run because you will be able to keep it for a long time.

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