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There are some good natural herbs that you can actually combine with weed. This cannabis mix might be just the thing you need to continue on your health journey for preventative care.

Vaporizers have earned a reputation for being one of the purest and healthiest ways for consuming cannabis and other herbs without having to inhale. We have come up with a few natural herbs that you can add and make a cannabis mix that offers a better experience.

The Vaporizing

Vaporizers have become quite popular. However so has combining common herbs and pairing them with cannabis, which enhances the vaping experience. Some of these natural herbs include lavender, chamomile, kratom and damiana.

These herbs tend to improve the taste of the weed, especially if you are using a mid to low grade cannabis strain. It also adds more benefits to your health. These herbs are pleasant to use, even you are using them alone in your vaporizer. The experience is better when you use it as a cannabis mix. It gives the experience a more natural feel.

Usually, cannabis is vaped at a temperature ranging for 175-200°C, but when you use natural herbs in the cannabis mix, it allows you to adjust the temperature. Let us take a look at each natural herb to get an idea of what to expect.


Mitragyna Speciosa is the scientific name for ‘Kratom.' It comes from a Southeastern Asia evergreen tree, which is quite popular and safe as a natural herb used to vape in the cannabis mix.

Kratom has been used by many people for centuries, but it was only recently that it came into the mainstream western region. When used it by itself, Kratom creates a mild high for some stoners, not enough to feel the ‘real high' that cannabis gives by itself.

However, when you create a cannabis mix with ‘Kratom' and ‘Cannabis,' the combination enhances the effect much more significantly. Of course, the cannabis will be more dominant in the mix. The ‘Kratom' is also recommended for those who have a hard time smoking pure weed. Together, kratom and natural herbs help uses who suffer from pain, stress, muscle spasms, anxiety and insomnia.


People who use the vaping method tend to be partial to the use of mint and lavender. There is a vast difference in the flavors, but the effects have some similarities. Lavender is scented and comes from the mint family of plants. Lavender is a comforting effect, which means it can relax you both mentally and physically if used as a cannabis mix.

Together, lavender and cannabis soothes coughing related to smoking a joint. A good cannabis mix would be 25% of natural lavender and 75% of cannabis. If you don't use that measurement, it can be overbearing.


If you are thinking about another natural herb, then ‘Damiana' would be the choice, but bear in mind that this a shrub, but it has beautiful yellow flowers. It grows primarily in South America, Mexico and South Texas.

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This particular herb is known for being a strong aphrodisiac and used as a powerful stimulant. Because of its nice flavor, ‘Damiana' is good for your cannabis mix. It gives the user a relaxed and euphoric feeling. The flavor might be lingering so you could use the cannabis bud or oil in your vaporizer first and then add the herb.


Everyone drinks chamomile tea to relax and reduce stress and anxiety as well as to enhance sleep and so there is not much difference in addition to your cannabis mix because you will get a similar effect, but at a higher level.

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