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Best Way to Clean Your Marijuana Vaporizer. Vape with buds.

Best Way to Clean Your Cannabis Vaporizer

If you have a cannabis vaporizer, then at first, it will be shiny and ready to use, but after you have used it for a while, it can become clogged and you have to clean it in order to have the full use of it. When you use the cannabis vaporizer, there will be remains left over after several sessions and it will make things bad for your new smoking accessory, especially if you don't take steps to clean it.

The Build Up

The build up inside your vaporizer needs to be removed. Even if you have bought a cheap one, it still needs to be appropriately maintained, if you want to have it long enough. If you don't clean your cannabis vaporizer clean, it will lose its taste, character and its subsequent functionality. And the longer you take to clean it, the more likelihood it will someday not be able to work again. Not that we are dwelling on this point, but we cannot say it enough: the lifespan of your cannabis vaporizer will shorten, if you don't keep it clean; no matter the quality of how it was built. For the best performance, cleanliness is essential or residue will build up and the heating element might eventually be damaged. The vape unit could also stop working and when clean, you will enjoy a smoother smoke and cleaner vapor. We hope we have convinced you by now. Let us now look at the different steps to cleaning your cannabis vaporizer.

The Initial Steps

There are three important steps to follow and these are simple steps to do it quickly and efficiently. By the time you are done, your vaporizer will appear as good as it was when you initially bought it. If you don't have a cleaning brush, then go out and buy one, but most vaporizers do come with a cleaning brush; kind of like the one you use when applying glaze to your meet before putting it in the oven. The brush has to be small enough to get into the edges of the chamber. The bristles on the brush must be hard enough to remove the residue. The first thing to do is to empty the chamber of any residue. Do this after every use. Be sure to brush the remains off and pay close attention to the mesh areas or screen areas. Turn the cannabis vaporizer upside down, tapping it lightly to get the stubborn residue out. Do the same thing to the mouthpiece. Remove the battery and wipe it off to remove residue as well. Never use water on any part of your vaporizer. Use a soft cloth or cotton buds when necessary.


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The Best Solution

Isopropyl Alcohol is the ideal solution to use when cleaning your cannabis vaporizer so that you don't damage the most essential parts. Dab a little of the alcohol on a piece of cotton bud and begin wiping the parts that are affected. The most essential parts to clean with the isopropyl alcohol are the screens, rim and mouthpiece. Pay close attention the mouthpiece since this is the part that comes in contact with your mouth each time you smoke. You should also remove the screens and soak it in the alcohol for a few minutes.

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Deep Cleaning

If you have to do a deep cleaning, take out the removable parts and use a cotton bud dipped in isopropyl alcohol to wipe them down. You can also soak the parts overnight in the alcohol, but be sure to remove first thing in the morning so you don't damage your cannabis vaporizer or risk discoloration. Deep cleaning is necessary when you use different kinds of cannabis strains in your vaporizer.

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