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Cannabis activities are possible, if you are a recreational user or have friends that do. Then, you can invite them over and you all can indulge in these cannabis activities to have a good time together as you all get high. What exactly is your most popular activity used while you are high or to get that high? If you sit on the couch and not do anything, then that is no way to spend a good ‘high.' It is best to have fun while you are getting high. If you are doing that now, it is time to break that cycle or routine. Find different ways of being entertained and enjoying the time with your friends.

The First Step

Cannabis Activities

Weed is not cheap, especially in certain states and countries so you have to make sure your cannabis activities are on a budget. However, you shouldn't host a game night for your cannabis enthusiast friends, providing several THC equipment and vessels to give them that high so they can feel that it was worth coming over. So, why not make some cannabis edibles and put in the refrigerator. Or you can pick some up at the local marijuana dispensary. You could also bake some cannabis cookies or brownies. You can even do pot luck where guests bring over a cannabis-infused product of their choice. Once the guests arrive, you would allow everyone to consume at least half or one of the edibles – half would be more ideal so they don't overdo it. Make sure you know each guests' tolerance level to THC. Giving your guests something as they come in the door would be akin to giving them finger food or a ‘jello shot. Remember that edibles have a delayed impact on the brain as it has to travel through the bloodstream before the user feels any level of high.

Delayed Feelings

The delayed feelings will help you to be part of the festivity and not pass out on the couch before the fun started. While you wait for that high from your edibles, start one of the cannabis activities taht you have planned. You could start with a board game or a card game. Board games are reminiscent of our childhood and when you think of them, it restores those memories and feelings you had, of course, not while you are stoned. Try a popular board game like monopoly.  That should put some excitement and fun into your night. If you are a competitive person, that will keep your high away long enough to win a game or two. One of the cannabis activities that will be fun is a good card game where you know how to deal your cards.

Kevin Bacon's Game


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If you are tired of playing cards or board games, why not try the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” This is one of the cannabis activities that will get your creative juices flowing and no time to get too high to pass out. This game allows players to throw out a name of their favorite actor or actress. Your job is to connect an actor or actress to Kevin Bacon and the individual or individuals would have had to work with Kevin bacon in that movie. You will have a blast with this game, but you have to be prepared to think on your feet and rely on memory. Sometimes, the marijuana high can aid you.

Final Thoughts

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Cannabis activities are great if you want to entertain friends who smoke weed or consume pot. You will feel like you are right back in college. Order some pizza and start playing your games, making sure that everyone is having fun in the process.

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