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Cannabis clubs in Barcelona are shrouded in suspicion even though they are legal; here is the ultimate guide to tea pads (as they are commonly known) in this Football loving city.

In case you are a marijuana enthusiasts who’s looking to vacay in Barcelona, you should consider trying out a cannabis club while at it. Well, recreational marijuana is technically outlawed in Spain, you will not just walk into a dispensary and order some stash. However, you can still enjoy a blunt or two if you know how to go about it.

For starters, you are allowed to grow up to two plants in your private residence. If you are on holiday for over three months you might be able to grow some marijuana and enjoy it thereafter. However if your stay is limited to a few days or weeks your only chance of lighting up in this city is to try out a cannabis social club. Unfortunately, these clubs thrive in secrecy and mystery. Don’t expect to just pick up the local directory and search for the cannabis club that is closest to you. And even when you know of one, you will not just walk in and order a blunt. That is why they are called clubs; you apply for membership. Sounds complicated, right? This 5 minute read explains everything you need to know about cannabis clubs in Barcelona.

Legality of Marijuana in Barcelona

Marijuana for adult use is not legal in Barcelona, at least not in the way that it is in Canada or California. It is illegal to buy, sell, or even display marijuana in public. However, you are allowed to smoke moderate amounts of weed in private residences. You are also allowed to grow a maximum of two plants in a private residence. But if you don’t want to go through the hassle of growing your own weed at home your best bet is to join a cannabis social club.

What is a Cannabis Club in Barcelona?

Cannabis clubs in Barcelona are also referred to as cannabis social clubs or tea pads. There are over 200 such clubs in Barcelona, however, only a handful are “the real deal.” These clubs are run privately and some restrict their membership. Members must abide by a set code of ethics and risk losing membership when they fail to comply to the rules.

Is Barcelona the next Amsterdam?

This question has been asked in different forums where cannabis clubs are mentioned. In Amsterdam, cannabis clubs are everywhere in the open because recreational weed is legal in the Netherlands. At night, the city is ablaze due to these vibrant cannabis clubs. Tourists flock these joints to explore the different marijuana strains in Holland which often times are something to write home about. Barcelona is adapting a similar culture. However, cannabis clubs in Barcelona are secretive which makes it slightly hard to understand how they operate. And unfortunately, there are a couple of “under the radar dens” which camouflage as legit cannabis clubs but sell bad reggie.

The thing is to find a legit tea pad; get membership which should take all of a few minutes then you will be ready to have a great weed experience in the home of FC Barcelona. However, once you get membership you must always abide by the rules of the club.

Here is how to do it.

Do You Need An Invitation to Join A Cannabis Club In Barcelona?

The impression of a club is that you need a private invitation for you to become a member. Thankfully, this does not apply to cannabis clubs in Barcelona which are required by law to not consist of a “closed group” exclusively. However, some clubs may be closed to new members for various reasons or under the advice of their legal team. All that is required of you is to send in an application and wait for a response while remaining open minded.

You can find a cannabis club by browsing through sites such as Weed maps or Leafly.

What About Cannabis Club Endorsements?

You can be endorsed to join a cannabis social club in Barcelona. The club will do this by requesting you to visit their reception desk armed with your identification documents.

How to Join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona

Once you submit an application, expect to receive two kinds of responses. If you are told to visit the reception desk with your ID you can consider this a positive response. Most cannabis clubs will charge a joining fee that is usually around 30 pounds. Most clubs will also give you an immediate response that reads something like: Thanks for your interest in our club. Kindly present yourself to our reception desk with a copy of your ID; we cannot answer any further questions at this point.

If they ask you not to come, well, this is a no which you should not take personally. Just try another club!

Membership Registration

After being allowed to visit the reception desk you will have to undergo a membership registration process. This entails filling out a registration form which is usually on the club’s website or an affiliate site. You will also be required to produce a valid government issued ID and pay a membership fee.

Never show up at the entrance of a cannabis social club expecting to get automatic membership, this will not work. These clubs are usually under scrutiny from the police and they have to be extra vigilant in screening their members. Also, you should not ask intrusive questions before you have been granted membership as the clubs are not allowed to divulge information about the clubs to non-members. This includes asking questions related to money or payment such as prices, cost, etc. This is because members of the club do not “buy” marijuana but rather they “get” it from the dispensary. The whole idea of a club is not to do business for profit but rather to allow members to partake in communal marijuana.

Can Tourists Join Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona?

Technically, cannabis clubs are restricted to residents of Barcelona. However, there are no explicit rules to bar tourists from joining these clubs. If you are a tourist and you get accepted into any of these clubs do not hesitate to join. Most clubs overlook nationality.

A note for tourists: there are many scams who might try to sell you fake membership into cannabis social clubs. Most of these memberships are offered for dirt cheap to woo you. They may also try to entice you with lifetime memberships. Flee from such street deal as the most you can get out of it is poor quality ganja that might land you in a hospital bed or in prison for breaking the law.

What is the Legal Age for Joining a Cannabis Club in Barcelona?

18 is the legal age for joining a cannabis club in Barcelona. However, most clubs have restricted membership to 21 years.

Opening Hours

The opening hours for cannabis clubs vary from one club to the next. After getting an invitation you will be able to ask for a schedule so you can plan your time accordingly.

How To Spot a Fake Cannabis Club

As with most fake deals, extra cheap membership fees should be a warning sign. Apart from this, fake cannabis clubs are notorious for using street promoters to “hawk” club membership.

The Best Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

If you are a resident or touring Barcelona and would like to enjoy some top shelf marijuana here are a few cannabis clubs that you can try out:

  1. Barcelona coffee shop
  2. Dragon cannabis club
  3. Iceberg cannabis club
  4. G13 cannabis club
  5. The Weed coffee shop
  6. Cali Weed club
  7. Cassanova Weed club
  8. Marieta weed club
  9. Weed Vice
  10. Hash cannabis club
  11. Gelato weed club
  12. Cookies coffee shop
  13. Barcelona weed club
  14. Weed lounge club
  15. Cool high club

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all cannabis clubs in Barcelona are currently shut down. But as soon as this is behind us, you’ve got your ultimate 2020 guide for cannabis clubs in Barcelona to put to use.

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