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Do you even remember the first time that you thought about cannabis consumption? In fact, when was the first time that you smoked weed? Do you recall how you felt that burning sensation in your throat every time you inhaled the weed from your joint? At that time, you may not have known to gauge everything and so you would cough uncontrollably each time you took a puff. Does that jog your memory? Those were the days, right? Those same memories are still current and real, especially for those new to cannabis consumption and smoking weed. But, not everyone wants to inhale smoke because of concern for their lung health and overall health for that matter.

Some people don't smoke weed as a result of this and this is true even when they reside in a state where marijuana has become legal. However, there are several ways that you can think about cannabis consumption and how to do it without the smoke. Let's take a look at some of those ways.

Cannabis Vaporizer

You don't have to build a joint and use a lighter to consider cannabis consumption without the smoke. You can use a vaporizer. Using a vaporizer, gives the cannabis a smooth taste and you avoid the harshness. Many recreational cannabis users prefer this method as the vaporizer is easier on your lungs than the marijuana joint or weed is. There are different kinds of vaporizers; some are smaller hand-held ones and then there are large table-top ones. There is always one to fit your budget. Cannabis consumption couldn't get any better than this.

Cannabis Edibles

Another method of cannabis consumption is edibles of cannabis-infused products in the form of food, pastry and beverage. There are many kinds of cannabis edibles that have hit the market, but you can make many of them yourself using marijuana, which is extracted into oil and infused into these cannabis products. Make sure you begin with a low dosage when it comes to the marijuana strain and the amount of THC you put in the product. Edibles do take a little longer to feel the effects upon consumption, but when it does after an hour, the effect can be intense, if you use too much THC.

Hash Oils

Hash oils are usually made from cannabis concentrate and are ingestible, which means it can be taken safely by mouth. This form of cannabis consumption is similar to that of edibles. The effect also takes about an hour to kick in. So be careful how much you consume.

Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are also infused into liquid form. The cannabis compounds are extracted using alcohol and marijuana. The final product is administered under the tongue. You will feel a faster effect with tinctures than you would with edibles and hash oils. Tinctures can be made in an array of potencies and flavors.


Topicals are also infused to make balms and lotions, along with other cannabis products. Many of them provide localized relief from inflammation, muscle soreness and pain. The THC level can be lower for topicals and you can still get the maximum results from it without feeling any intense high as with edibles, hash oils, joints and vaporizers. With topicals, there is no cannabis consumption.


Last, but not least is dabbing, which is a cannabis consumption method that makes cannabis concentrates that is more refined and gives a clean experience. Vapors are produced during dabbing and so instead of the actual smoke, you are inhaling vapor. This method is more for the veteran recreational marijuana user.

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