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Cannabis culture has its own specific code of conduct for avid users. Whether you toke cannabis, concentrates, or hash, it is recommended that you do so with a little class. We have put together tips on cannabis courtesy that any stoner should know and obey.

In the cannabis society, the attitude of stoners in the past and now is love and peace. Most stoners are happy people, even though, they are high. Many of them practice good manners, which is priceless. If you are not practicing any of the cannabis courtesy tips as yet, you will soon embrace them.

If you applied all or some of the cannabis courtesy tips that we recommend, you will avoid feeling awkward at a social gathering.

Never Leave Your Stash Behind

When you go to a cannabis gathering, never leave all your stash behind. If you don't even remember to bring that stash, at least bring a bottle of wine with you. The thought is what counts. This is just cannabis courtesy that all stoners have adhered to.

If you are unable to contribute cannabis to the gathering, you could buy a few snacks for the munchies after you all have smoked. A simple gesture goes a long way. Most stoners don't mind sharing their bong or joint with you, but you should do your part too, no matter how small.

If you are getting high off someone else's stash, a box of cookies would be a nice way to show your appreciation. The next time, they will want to invite you, but otherwise, you will be excluded for the next gathering.

Personal Hygiene

When you are going to a social gathering where cannabis will be part of the fun, you should make sure your hands are clean. You don't want to be passing a joint after you are coughing into your hand due to a cold.

As a matter of fact, if you have a cold or the flu, it is best to stay home. However, basic hygiene is recommended as a cannabis courtesy to the rest of people. In addition, you don't want to pass a wet blunt or joint to someone else. If you are a sloppy stoner, it is best to have your own joint or allow your friends to smoke first.

Rolling Your Joint

If you cannot roll your own joint, you will learn soon. In a social gathering setting, ask someone to do it for you until you get it right instead of rolling a makeshift joint to pass around. You will mess up the vibe of the session.

Follow The Rule

Part of the cannabis courtesy is to have the person who rolled the joint to smoke it first. One more thing is not to keep the joint too long…'pass it on the left hand side.' This is one rule that is mandatory for all stoners. If you cannot adhere to it, then you don't need to be in the social gathering.

Play The Host

If you are hosting the gathering, make sure you offer the first ‘green hit' to your guests. You don't necessarily have to offer refreshment, but it would be a kind gesture.

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Otherwise, you can offer to call up a ‘take out' restaurant and order pizza where everything chips and pays. Don't ever make a mess of the house. Make sure you use an ashtray. If you don't see one, ask the host. This is a cannabis courtesy that anyone would know.

Know Your Limits

Not everyone tolerates the effects of cannabis the same way. For that reason, you should know your limits. Don't overdo it and never try to impress anyone. When you have had enough, just stop and excuse yourself from the group. Last, but not least, don't leave with someone's lighter. Give it back once you light up your joint.

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