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Cannabis extraction doesn't have to be as complex as most people think. All you need is a cannabis extractor and some good weed. The process of extracting weed has been around for many years. In fact, it was used to extract byproducts of the natural marijuana plant for medicinal purposes.

Cannabis extracts consists of various forms of the substance including oils, teas, butter and tinctures.

The Goal of Cannabis Extraction

The objective in the cannabis extraction method is to use the plant material to create a compound and leaving the unusable parts behind. The material that you get out of the extraction process is considered pure, organic and natural. These days, many Master of Marijuanas are using the cannabis extraction method to make various products to sell in dispensaries and other legal markets.

Due to the procedure related to the extractions of terpenes and cannabinoids, the products created can be varied and used by a certain demographics for recreational and medicinal purposes. Let’s explore the fundamentals of cannabis extraction techniques.

The Fundamentals of Extracting Marijuana

Cannabis extraction is compared to the procedure used in making coffee, essential oils, minerals and even vitamins. In marijuana, the primary compounds to extract are CBD and terpenes. Why? These are the compounds that are known for their flavors and aromas. Prior to selling cannabis extracted products, you should consider using various extraction techniques that you can test to see the results, what works and what doesn’t.

Fats and Chlorophyll

In the extraction process, there are compounds that should be avoided and trashed. These consist of chlorophyll and fats. If you don’t have as much fats and chlorophyll in the compound, then the extraction process will be shorter. If you have to deal with more fats and chlorophyll, then the opposite is true. It will take longer to aggressively extract these compounds.

In fact, you will get more yields from the extraction process. If you are dealing with excess fat and chlorophyll, you will have more clean-up to contend with. Most extraction times will usually be between two to eight hours.


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The Main Marijuana Extraction Methods

At Cannabis Training University, you will receive cannabis extraction certification where you will learn the various techniques, which may include:

The main method used is oftentimes supercritical CO2, but this is done using a heavy duty extractor machine. The procedure involves transforming carbon dioxide into supercritical liquid. How is this done? Well, the Cannabis training school at CTU teaches that you apply temperature as well as pressure to achieve the supercritical liquid, after which the CO2 has the ability to become a solvent.

The Process of Cannabis Extractions

With the solvent, you will use the extraction machine to ground the cannabis granularly. It is like using an espresso machine to produce finely ground substance that will allow you to push the solvent or liquid evenly through. If the material is not grounded evenly, the extraction process will not be as effective.

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The pressure is controlled by a regulator and different pumps, which cycles the supercritical CO2 through the marijuana plant matter several times until the amount and grade of CBD and terpenes is collected. The CO2 is returned to its original form while leaving a residue of highly concentrated resin, which you can modify to get various potency levels for dosage.

Conclusion on Cannabis Extraction

If you want to know learn about THC extraction and what else is involved in the process, it is best to take our extensive Cannabis Extraction Pro course offered online by the Cannabis Training University. Act now by signing up today as a student.