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There are some things the cannabis novice should know before consuming. If you want to know more about weed and you are a cannabis novice, there are some specific things that you should be aware of. If you want to try this psychoactive product for the first time, it might seem a little daunting or scary to some. You are not alone, but it is best to know how to make your experience fun and enjoyable.

We have put together a few facts to consider. Bear in mind that everyone goes through a different process when smoking weed. Pay close attention to how your body reacts to cannabis. Start off with low doses and patiently wait to see the effect before increasing the doses.

The History of Marijuana

Marijuana and humans have a long relationship. In fact, there are a lot of researchers that consider the marijuana plant to be one of the first that was cultivated ten thousand years ago. Since then, the cannabis novice needs to know that you can use the plant in foods, for medicine and for treatment of various ailments. It has been used for religious purposes by Rastafarians in the Caribbean and by Greeks, Egyptians, Indians, Chinese, Islam and Romans.

There are many cultures today that use cannabis daily. In the 1930s, the Western world lost touch with marijuana during the reefer madness misinformation, which encouraged people at that time to fear marijuana consumption. The marijuana plant was subsequently pushed to the underground for eighty years until the past two decades; it has begun to be rekindled.

CBD versus THC

If you are a cannabis novice, you should know the difference between CBD and THC. The main difference is its effect. THC has a strong psychoactive level while CBD does not. THC works with the body's cell receptors to give the user that high. The body's cell receptors are all over the body, but concentrated and abundant in a person's brain.

When you consume a marijuana bud, whether by a joint or vaporizer and it has a high level of THC, you might temporarily experience relaxation or sleep, depending on the strain you choose. When you consume CBD, it also depends on the strain because every strain has different levels of CBD. However, CBD in most strains won't make you high.

Your Cognition

THC is known for being psychoactive, which means that it will alter your cognition and get you in a meditative state. However, nothing is wrong with this. If you are a cannabis novice it is best to limit your dose and not overdo it. With the right dosage, you won't feel overwhelmed or out of control. Just take your time to enjoy the feeling and learn how your body operates with cannabis consumption.

Make sure you are at home when consuming weed so that if you do have a strong effect, you can just lie down and sleep it off. If you do overdo it, you might have feelings of paranoia and anxiety, which won't last from more than a few hours. But, you don't want to get to a place where you feel out of control or you might not want to try it again.

Final Summary

Not every type of marijuana strain is psychoactive. And so, you do have several options to work with. There are many strains that have higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC and so, if you are a cannabis novice, you might want to start with these marijuana strains. The CBD will provide the user with a sense of ease, calmness, energy and uplifting. If you want to learn more as a cannabis beginner, visit the Cannabis Training University.

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