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Learn what you should know during your cannabis purchase. There are a few factors you want to take into consideration when choosing your cannabis products.

The Decision on Which Cannabis Product to Pick

Many consumers come to a decision based on what they see and that is why a cannabis purchase is usually first decided on the inventory seen. Many budtenders can attest to this and there are so many consumers that base their cannabis purchase on how a particular product looks and not necessarily on the value and quality of its content, even when it cannot be seen by the eyes.

When you are making a cannabis purchase, there are some things that you should know before, during and afterwards. Let's take a look at some of them.

Using Your Nose for Picking Cannabis

In many cannabis dispensaries, the staff might not allow you to actual touch the buds, but this doesn't mean that you cannot smell it. If the weed has been grown and taken care of in the right way, then the aroma will be the witness. The smell will not fade for a long time, even when it is on top of a dispensary shelf once it is stored tightly in a jar.

If the smell lives up to its pungency, then you can bet that the flavor will follow along. You can use the smell to detect how fresh the marijuana strain is. So, when you are conducting a cannabis purchase, make sure you depend on your nose to test the aroma.

The Marijuana Testing Details

It is good when marijuana strains go through lab testing and so that is the next thing you should do. Look at the testing details and keep them into perspective during your cannabis purchase. One of the things that the testing details should tell you is the cannabinoid levels as well as the contamination levels.


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The regulatory system in the state where you live determines the laws as it relates to testing. Most states have strict laws that you can depend on. But anything can fall through the cracks until it is discovered. So pay attention. Before your purchase, pay attention to the CBD content, THC content and terpenes profile. Bear in mind that lab testing results could vary from one state to the other and from one dispensary to the other.

The Strain's Lineage

It is also important to know the lineage of the marijuana strain. Don't just depend on the attendant to give you the details. Ask specific information. When you are informed, it gives you more details to make an informed cannabis purchase that will benefit you in the long run.

The Marijuana Grower

How the marijuana plant is grown will make a difference on its outcome and so that is one of the questions you should ask when you are about to embark on a cannabis purchase. Most dispensaries should have this information.

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There are different methods used to grow weed and no one method is more than the other, but the grower has to take care in how the plant is cared for.

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