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Have you used any kind of tincture before? Was it hemp or cannabis tincture? Well, there are different methods behind how this solution is prepared that you may not have known. Cannabis concentrates comes in various forms and cannabis tinctures is one of them.

Let us take a look at how many ways this is usually made and put on the market for consumption. But, first, let us explain that tinctures are.

What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

Bubble Hash and Cold Water Press are methods that depend on butane and cold temperature to extract psychoactive THC molecules.

However, with tinctures, alcohol is used during the extraction process to create cannabis tinctures. THC can be found in marijuana plants and they exist as THCA, which means that they have to be heated in order for THCA molecule conversion to psychoactive THC.

A similar effect is possible with the use of alcohol bath for the specific purpose of dissolving THC that is found in the marijuana plant matter.

What You Need?

After these methods are used, what is left? Well, after hash oil is pushed to the limit, you will get cannabis tinctures that, when used one drop at a time under your tongue, will make a cannabis patient feel better. To create your tincture, there are some things that need to be included such as:

  • Food processor
  • Mesh strainer
  • A bowl
  • Scale
  • Cheese cloth
  • Canning jar (make sure it has a lid)
  • Tincture bottles (you can get them in 10 to 30ML with a dropper)
  • Coffee filters (make sure it is paper filters)
  • An ounce of marijuana buds for each quart of alcohol
  • 90 to 150 proof alcohol

The Process of Making Cannabis Tinctures

To prepare your cannabis tinctures, you only need less than an hour. Make sure that your cannabis buds or trimmings are dried and grinded. Use about 4 grams at a time. The marijuana plant should be oven-baked up to 240 degrees for up to half an hour so that it can decarboxylate sufficiently.

Immerse the marijuana plant matter in a bowl filled with about two ounces of highly-proofed alcohol (as suggested 90 to 150 proof). Stir it and then tightly cover it so that the alcohol evaporates inside the container without being able to escape.

Now, choose a dark, cool spot and let the mixture sit for up to three hours so that it can become as potent as possible. Don't let it go over three hours, though, or it may turn green.

Now it is time to stir it again. Next, use a funnel and cheese cloth to strain and collect your cannabis tinctures in a container. You, then have to use the cheesecloth again to strain the liquid. Bottle up in your chosen vessel for future use. Be sure to limit exposure to light.

The Cold Brew Technique

You can use the cold brew technique to make cannabis tinctures, but you have to freeze the marijuana plant matter to maintain CBD integrity and potency. This technique will only be successful, if you use high quality marijuana buds. Forget about ditch weed. This won't work.

The buds have to be dried and frozen first. Use your food processor to grind the buds and then place them into a large mason jar with the alcohol, which you should close tightly for five minutes before you put the mason jar back in your freezer. Take the jar from the freezer in two days and shake it. This is when you will strain it as you did in the previous method.

The Warm Brew Technique

The Warm Brew technique is traditionally used to make cannabis tinctures. However, it is a longer process. You would put your buds in the mason jar filled with alcohol and then close it tightly and shake it well. Make sure you have a brown paper bag to fit the mason jar. This prevents light from spoiling the tincture.

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Put the brown bag in a warm area of your home for up to sixty days. After sixty days, you would then begin to strain it using your cheesecloth. Next, you would bottle it up using the receptacles you have chosen.

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