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Have you ever used a marijuana bong? Do you have one that is hard to clean or do you just use it and abandon it until your net smoking session? None of these things are good ideas. Gandalf the Grey is known for smoking pipe weed in a wooden-shaped pipe or marijuana bong. As it relates to smoking etiquette, you can learn so much from Gandalf the Grey who is adamant about keeping his marijuana bong or glass pipes as clean as a whistle. If you were to look at how he does things, you would see that he prides himself in having a sophisticated and relaxed style, enjoying each hit from his pipe. Check out how smoke swirls from his glass pipe. It is legendary.

Clean Smoking

Gandalf Grey is not the only one to love clean smoking. In every case, though, a marijuana bong that is kept clean will tend to give a better smoke. It also influences your smoking style. There are several additional reasons to keep your marijuana bong clean. For one, it provides the maximum airflow. It also gives your bud improved flavor. Let's look at some of the steps to cleaning your marijuana bong or glass pipe.

Materials Needed to Clean Your Marijuana Bong

There are certain materials that are necessary to keeping your marijuana bong clean. Therefore, you should gather these first. These include:

  • The actual bong or pipe
  • Clean water from the tap
  • Soap or other washing liquid
  • Zip lock bag
  • Epsom salt
  • Q-tips
  • Rubbing alcohol

Instructions on How to Clean Your Marijuana Bong

There is a specific way to clean your marijuana bong after you have gathered all the materials that is necessary. The instructions are as follows:

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  • Put soap or washing liquid into hot water and use this to pre-soak the marijuana bong piece. The washing liquid will break up the undesirable stuff that sits on the glass or plates. When the bong is pre-soaked in washing liquid, it makes it easier to fully clean it, getting rid of the dirt or debris. Be sure to soak for at least 24 hours or more.
  • Put the rubbing alcohol into the zip lock bag and shake it up, but don't stir it. Close the zip lock bag after pouring in the rubbing alcohol before shaking. Or you can put the dirty marijuana bong inside the zip lock bag and pour the rubbing alcohol into it. Make sure it is fully submerged. To make sure that it is cleaner, pour the rubbing alcohol inside the bong too. You will find the solution change color, if your smoking device needed extra cleaning. You may have to repeat the step more than once to ensure that your marijuana bong is adequately cleaned.
  • Adding Epsom salt to the rubbing alcohol solution will give a better clean. Be sure to add enough Epsom salt to make a difference. Shake the zip lock bag again so the Epsom salt can penetrate the clogged or built up resin in your marijuana bong.
  • Now rinse your marijuana bong with hot water after removing the additional resin Use the Q-tips for optimum airflow and to clean residue from small parts that make up your bong.
  • Rub it dry using a cloth made with microfiber.

Final Thoughts on How to Clean Your Marijuana Bong

Now it is time to put away your marijuana bong until the next time you need it. You will find that it gives you a better smoking experience once it is thoroughly cleaned. Repeat the cleaning process at specific intervals, if you use your marijuana bong on a frequent basis. Want to learn more? Visit the Cannabis Training University now!

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