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Let us compare cannabis oil and hemp oil. Do we know if they are similar in more ways than one? If they are not the same, then how are they different? If you are not a marijuana user or you know nothing about cannabis oil, hash oil or hemp oil, you may be asking these questions. Well, sit back and allow us to give you some of the basics.

The Awareness of Cannabis Oil and Hemp Oil

First, let us give an understanding about the two oils: cannabis oil and hemp oil and how they got their names from the marijuana plant. There needs to be an explanation of differences and similarities in the cannabis plant. This will offer a more comprehensive comparison between the two.

Let's take a closer look to see. Both cannabis and hemp come from similar species, but are different in some ways.

The Breeds and Varieties of Cannabis and Hemp Plants

Cannabis and hemp are the same plant…period! However, they may come from different varieties and different breeds of similar species such as marijuana sativa. You might have already been aware of this.

Nonetheless, the two varieties do have a few significant differences, ranging from their look, how they are grown and their chemical elements after extraction.

For example, while the hemp grows taller, as much as fifteen feet tall and with long, huge stalks, marijuana is different. It grows in an outward way, having more buds and leaves. Also, marijuana plants hardly grow so tall. They do not grow more than five feet tall.

Space to Grow

It appears that industrial hemp plants grow more comfortably when they are closely positioned together. Cannabis plants do require space in order to grow.

However, the significance in the difference, especially as it relates to cannabis oil and hemp oil is the chemical elements that are contained in them. These are known as cannabinoids. The main difference between the cannabis oil and hemp oil is the cannabinoids. There are almost 400 CBDs in hemp oil and cannabis oil.

However, two active and mostly studied cannabinoids stand out and these are THC and CBD. It is important to know more about these two cannabinoids in order to get the best outcome for your cannabis oil and hemp oil. Let us now take a look at each of these in more detail.


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THC and CBD in Cannabis Oil and Hemp Oil

THC is responsible for giving the user a stoned or high feeling when it is smoked. It is instrumental to marijuana and may have given the entire cannabis plant a bad reputation around the world. CBD, though, is the opposite. The smoker will not get an high with CBD. It is, however, helpful in healing ailments in children and adults .

Comparing Hemp Plants and Marijuana Plants

Hemp grows up to 15 feet all while cannabis grows only 5 feet tall. Cannabis plants grow outward while hemp plants grow upward.

Hemp plants grow more comfortably when it is packed together. Cannabis plants grow better when spaced out.

Hemp plants are grown in over thirty countries while marijuana or cannabis plants are illegal in most countries.

Marijuana has to be grown in warm or humid environment while hemp can be grown in a wide range of areas and particularly better in areas where there is a lot of corn being planted.

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Hemp plants have high CBD content and lower THC content. Cannabis or marijuana is the opposite. It contains higher THC content and lower CBD content.

The extracted oil from cannabis sativa contains THC and CBD, but in varying quantities. Marijuana generally consists of up to 15% THC and that is what contributes to its effect on the smoker. It is mostly used for recreation while CBD is used for aiding chronically ill cannabis patients.

Hemp contains more CBD than THC and that is the major difference between cannabis oil and hemp oil. If you want to know more about the comparisons, go to the Cannabis Training University, the world's leading weed college today.

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