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Cannabis labels are attached to all cannabis packaging and contain the required information to be state-compliant. Cannabis labels must include the proper font size, warnings, images, and other requirements. If you want generic or custom packaging and labeling, here are the best places where you can find dispensary labels for your cannabis products. 

Why Cannabis Dispensary Labels Matter

Cannabis labels are critical for getting across state-required information for your product, including active ingredients, testing dates, and warning labels. Without them, brands risk violating state regulations. Beyond the compliance issues, proper cannabis packaging and labeling attract a customer’s eye and display a brand’s vision through images and text. 

Top Dispensary Labels For Products

1. Marijuana Packaging

Wholesale packaging for flower, edibles, and concentrates at low prices is available from Marijuana Packaging. Shop a wide selection of jars, caps, bags, vials, tubes, bottles, and more. They also offer custom printed packaging to display your unique branding and attract customer attention. 

Shop Marijuana Packaging for custom printed labels, generic marijuana labels, and compliant labels for major markets, including California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Canada. 

2. Star Label Products

If you are looking for a fast turnaround for custom cannabis labels, look no further than Star Label Products. Explore a wide range of cost-effective and custom solutions for edibles, tinctures, oils, topicals, pre-roll tubes, glass pop-top jars, and so much more.

Star Label Products goes beyond compliance. Improve your brand's image with tactile finishes, embossing/debossing, chrome/matte finishes, and hot/cold foil stamping, all of which give your products a unique look and feel.

3. THC Label Solutions

Remain state-compliant and on-brand with THC Label Solutions’ varied selection of custom and bulk order options, including laser-printed, blank, tamper-evident, and state-specific labels to meet your state’s packaging and labeling requirements.

Custom packaging services allow your brand to stand out from the competition. They offer custom labels for tinctures, glass jars, and pre-roll tubes. Explore their custom design services to make your products pop. They also offer label application services to apply cannabis labels to all your products.

4. 420Packaging

Explore various packaging and labeling solutions from 420 Packaging, a family-owned and operated wholesale supplier with over 30 years of packaging expertise. Retailers can find packaging options such as plastic and glass containers for concentrates, pre-roll tubes, exit bags, and glass vials.

420 Packaging also offers state-compliant Rx labels to go onto your container or bag. Find industry-standard warning labels and generic labels for medical products. If you need something more specific, they offer state-compliant labels for nearly every adult-use and medical state. Plus, they offer label dispensers to make applications super easy.

5. Biohazard Inc

Since 2007, Biohazard Inc has been an industry leader in cannabis packaging, lab equipment, smoking pipes, vaporizers, and accessories. Find generic or state-specific compliance labels for California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, and Canada.

They also offer custom packaging and private dispensary labels for pre-roll tubes, concentrate jars, vape cartridges, edible and flower packaging, mylar bags, and custom boxes. Let their expert designers help you create a one-of-a-kind label or logo for your cannabis brand.

6. Lightning Labels

Create custom cannabis labels with the help of Denver-based Lightning Labels. They offer flexible order sizes (50 minimum) and quick turnaround times for custom services. Choose from a wide variety of materials, including sustainable hemp labels. 

Choose unique finishing treatments, shapes, sizes, barcodes, QR codes, fold-out designs, and continuous numbering to differentiate between batches. Their online ordering system makes it quick and easy to order exactly what you need time after time. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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7. LLT Labels

If you are looking for custom dispensary labels for your products, consult with LLT Labels to create a label for any of your products, including flower, edibles, topicals, concentrates, and more. LLT offers various cannabis labels, including warning labels, peel-and-reseal labels, tamper-resistant polyester, and much more.

8. Green Tech Packaging

Shop state-compliant cannabis labels from Green Tech Packaging. Improve your brand’s image with the help of their creative team to create a strong visual identity and unique labels and graphics. Green Tech Packaging excels in crafting custom plastic bags, jars, sticker labels, and cap printing.

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