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Things Marijuana Budtenders Need To Know

Essential Things Marijuana Budtenders Need To Know

Here we will take a look at Essential Things Marijuana Budtenders Need To Know. A consumer that visits a local dispensary frequently to purchase their weed will heavily rely on marijuana budtenders to assist them in choosing the right strains and learning as much as possible about these strains. Most dispensaries have a wide range of products that customers can choose from and the marijuana budtenders have to know all there is about these products to relay it to the consumer.

If not, then the customer's experience could be entirely ruined and misinformation could result in a lawsuit. A good budtender not only facilitates the purchase that the customer makes, but should go to lengths to ensure that customer service is of the highest standard and that the customer has all the necessary information and resources to make a good buying decision. We have put together a list of things that all marijuana budtenders have to know and be aware of in order to help the customers make an informed choice. Let's dig in.

Ensure Compliance

Marijuana budtenders work in a highly regulated industry. Making one bad decision could result in a cascade of things taking place that could close down the dispensary. If any staff member does not take compliance of regulations seriously, it could put their cannabis career in a lot of jeopardy, but it also could create issues for the dispensary owner and that does not help the consumer either. The dispensary owner could get their license suspended as well as have the dispensary shut down due to the budtender's lack of compliance.

Seek Knowledge

Marijuana budtenders should seek knowledge about the laws governing the industry and the specifics of the plant such as the amount of terpenes in each strain; whether a strain is indica, sativa or hybrid and the name of the strain. In fact, the most popular thing taking place in many dispensaries is categorizing the cannabis strain based on its terpene profile and the effects of the strain. Efficient marijuana budtenders know how to do this and know how effective it would be to do so.

The Cannabis Industry

Marijuana budtenders are the face of the dispensary and the industry at large. Most consumers look to budtenders for reassurance that they are making the right decision. Consumers come in close contact with marijuana budtenders before any other staff member and every time that they are about to make a purchase, this is the same person that will be there to assist them. And so, one consumer might deal with a budtender about twenty times or more for the year, depending on their purchase habits or necessity. It is a fact that this person has to be a very good steward to the marijuana plant and the industry that surrounds the plant.

The Influence

Marijuana budtenders should be influential in the resources and information that they provide to the customers. And so, they always have to keep learning new things about the industry, the plant, the business operation and the laws. During customer interaction, there will be questions asked that the budtender must have an answer or referral for. If more training is necessary, then by all means, the budtender must take the initiative to seek more training.


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The Cannabis Consumer's Privacy

Marijuana budtenders should respect the customer's privacy. And so, each customer must be dealt with on a one-on-one basis; away from prying eyes and listening ears. This is especially true for those living in the local area and knows each other. Everything should be kept on the down low so that nothing is overheard by another customer.

For that reason, many dispensaries let customers wait in a room until it is their turn. If you want to learn more about marijuana budtenders and things that they need to know, visit the Cannabis Training University now, the world's leading cannabis school.

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