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There are several types of cannabis vaporizers, but you make the choice depending on the way that you would like to use it. There are vaporizers for marijuana buds and there are those for hash oil and hemp oil. Also, there are e-cigarette vaporizers, table top vaporizers, vape mods, wax vaporizers and other vaporizers specifically for electronic cigarettes. You can also use cannabis vaporizers to smoke a combination of concentrates and dry herb. And more importantly, there are vape mods that are customized to give you a better vaping experience.

Table Top Vaporizers

For table top vaporizers, it is best to use when you are an avid smoker and not someone who casually smokes. Instead, they are great for people who get together to indulge in group smoking. It is also good for people who don't mind engaging in smoking a full bowl of weed, all at one time. Table top vaporizers cannot be considered at the portable scale because it is so large. That means you are unable to carry it around. The cost is higher, but it offers exact temperature control settings so that you can use it with both concentrates and herbs, which vaporize at varying temperatures for better flavor. So, if you are going to use table top cannabis vaporizers, make sure to invest in a good one for the best flavor.

Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano vaporizer is also a table top vaporizer and the most popular in the cannabis industry. It is more flexible when it comes to budget and the user has a great vaping experience. There are two designs, digital and classic. This is one of the cannabis vaporizers that were made in the year 2000 in Germany. It is well known for its high quality design. It allows you to use either the whip method or balloon method, depending on how long your vaping session will last and your particular preference.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

There are cannabis vaporizers specifically for dry herb. These are ideal for recreational marijuana enthusiasts who move from place to lace and need something portable. These have the same functionality as the table top vaporizer and can also be used with concentrates. They are battery operated and compact in design, easy to store, but more fragile. So, be extra careful when taking it along with you in a pocket or purse. The features are limited in comparison to the table top vaporizer. The newer ones do have temperature control features, but the older ones may not.


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Vape Pens

Vape pens are similar to cannabis vaporizers for dry herb and perfect for users who want something portable and smaller in size. If you love marijuana concentrates, then the vape pen would be the best choice. Moreover, it is lower in cost and can fit any budget while at the same time, giving the user a great vaping experience. Just like its name, these look similar to the basic pens and are quite popular. To replace the battery is inexpensive too and the hash oil used gives a smooth smoke and also lasts longer. The battery life may be shorter than other cannabis vaporizers and leakage might be an issue, but it depends on which one you choose to use. They are all made differently, depending on the manufacturer.

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Vape Mods

Vape Mods are quite popular and are small enough to be portable. They are customizable and have powerful features and functions that include touch screen, larger tanks, shatter resistant glass and improved airflow control. Prices range from cheap to very costly. For more details about cannabis vaporizers like electronic cigarettes and vape pens, go to the Cannabis Training University, the leader in marijuana certification.

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