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Do you remember what it was like as a first time marijuana smoker? Did you get intensely high or was your experience a pleasant one? Or did it put you in a happy place? People who suffer from anxiety may want to try smoking pot at home for the first time. If you are a natural marijuana smoker, then you could help your friend become familiar with smoking weed. There are some things that we can recommend so that your friend can get more comfortable with marijuana smoking.

Several Essentials

While you are in your home and before you start smoking weed (legally, of course), you could play some music or put on a funny movie because your friend may need to have a few laughs. Of course, the first thing is to make sure you have food for the munchies or order food from outside.

On a serious note though, there are many fundamental ways to design an ideal “chillaxing” for a first time marijuana smoker. What is essential is that your friend should feel in control at all times and should be surrounded by caring people like you. More importantly, the person should enjoy smoking pot legally and should not be forced.

The THC Level

Another fact that would be significant is knowing the person's tolerance for high THC levels of cannabis strains. Remember that some people are unable to tolerate high levels of THC. In that case, the person may do better with high levels of CBD strains.

There are many times when people new to cannabis have are too greedy and ingest or smoke too much weed, only to find later that they have overdone it. In that case, marijuana strain higher in CBD is best because it is less psychoactive. Either way, if your friend is smoking a joint or even a vaporizer, it is best to just take a few hits at a time and take a break.  Do not take out that big bong. Your friend's lungs may not be able to take it.

Vape Pens

Instead of the glass bong, you could introduce your friend to vape pens or small pipe, which is less intimidating. When you use these apparatuses, it provides better control of the dosage and it is not as likely to scorch the throat. But, always make sure you have a bottle of honey at home, just in case your friend needs to moisten a scorched throat after inhaling. Being a good marijuana smoker may take some time and adjustment.

Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles is another story. In case, your friend is not aware, make sure to inform your friend of the impact of edibles. It goes through the bloodstream after ingestion, but it takes up to an hour and a half to do so. The rush of euphoria that comes then could be very intense, which may lead to paranoia.

So, make sure your friend ingest small pieces of edibles, even if it taste really good. Even a little piece could be quite an unusual experience for the new marijuana smoker. If your friend gets spaced out after ingesting too much edibles, take your friend for a walk or use pepper corns to help the friend get off the high sooner rather than later.

Watch your friend's mood and cognitive abilities to ensure that everything is fine. Look out for symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, anxiety or headaches. You could recommend a hot shower and a tall glass of water for hydration.

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