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You can consume cannabis in healthier ways to get the most benefit. If you are not aware of how, we have included some valuable information that you can use to ensure that you do. Marijuana consumption is sometimes overlooked and undervalued by users. It is better to consume cannabis in the ideal way to improve your health instead of the opposite.

Below are some viable methods of consuming weed, even if you have to change your smoking habits. We have also included things to avoid while you are at it.

Tobacco Substitution

These days, there are so many people who consume cannabis in unhealthy ways by adding tobacco to a joint before smoking it. This is not the right way to consume cannabis. It can have serious effects such as chronic bronchitis and even cancer.

Still, there are some users that mix cannabis with dried tobacco. In many cases, they are not aware that this can also cause impotence in men, if done over a long period of time. Many users in Caribbean and European countries use this method. It is better to use pure marijuana to consume cannabis.

Most users indulge in this bad habit to save money or to avoid the intense high from THC. However, over time, this will only damage your health and well being. It is best to treat your body with a lot of care.

Instead of tobacco, there are substitutes such as Lavender, Kanna, Kratom and Damiana, which are much healthier than the actual tobacco. By doing so, you will avoid the harmful impact of nicotine. With these healthy substitutes, users will be able to avoid the intense THC and the addiction to tobacco. You will have a better smoking experience.

Charcoal Filters

If you want to consume cannabis in a healthy way and avoid the carcinogenic effect of tobacco, it is best to take heed.

Instead of using a cardboard filter tip, it is best to consider active charcoal filters, which are healthier. Cardboard filter tips are not the real deal. Eventually, it will fall out while you are smoking your joint. Cellulose filters that are constructed as part of cigarettes are also useless.

Active charcoal filters keep burnt material from being inhaled into the lungs as long as these are not made from cellulose fibers. Active charcoal filters cool the smoke prior to it entering the body and this is good because it allows you to consume cannabis in a healthier way.

Using a Vaporizer

When you use a vaporizer to consume cannabis, it happens to be healthier and vaping is becoming quite popular because of this reason. On the market these days, there are tons of vaporizer products to choose from. Some are made of glass and others of metal.

No matter which one you use, it controls the temperature and has minimal combustion so that you don't inhale harmful substances. In fact, you inhale less smoke when you use a vaporizer to consume cannabis. It saves you money too because the vaped weed can be used again at another time.


Cannabis edibles are another cool way to consume cannabis without putting too much pressure on your lungs. However, you have to be careful with the dosage. If you consume too much, it can put you in a paranoia state for a few hours and if you were to ask others who have experienced this, they would tell you that it is not for the faint of heart.

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Make sure that you prepare edibles with the right dosage and lower levels of THC and prepare at the right temperatures so that it can be done well. At least, you won't be dealing with smoke inhalation.

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