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How to Hide Pot Smoking in Public. Passing a joint.
How to Hide Weed Smoking in Public

There are times when you might want to indulge in weed smoking while you are in public, but you don't want to get caught or you are not sure if it is common etiquette, especially when some people do not smoke pot. Make sure, though, that you are smoking weed in legal jurisdictions and not illegally. There are times when the challenge in the public display of weed smoking is the after effects. First, the smoke will smell afterwards on your lips, hands and clothing. That kind of smell could last for hours and give you away.

The Vaporizer

You could try a vaporizer because vaping leaves fewer clues of residue on your hand and so, it won't emit a smell. In addition, vaping is a low profile way to weed smoking in public. Therefore, if you want to smoke weed in public, get a portable vaporizer, which can fit in your pocket or purse. No one will notice it that quickly.

Hang Out with Smokers

Another way to be inconspicuous to the public with weed smoking is to find people that smoke cigarettes. People with a cigarette smoking habit will often be found close to restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Put yourself in the midst of them with your portable vaporizer. Because of the high level of potency of the cigarette, it will reduce the smell of the marijuana. Secondly, it might be easier to be hidden in plain sight than otherwise since no one is expecting to see you smoke weed in public. You will be behaving as if your actions are OK. In addition, if you happened to forget that well-needed lighter, you will be in a crowd of cigarette smokers to borrow theirs.

Covering Up

Almost any kind of smoking that you do in public is definitely going to leave you with that after smell. However, you can use a hand sanitizer to freshen up. You can also opt for breath mints too, thereby keeping your hands and breath free from the inevitable weed smoking smell. It is better to just wash your hands, if it is convenient. You could use baby wipes, if those are available. Use it to clean your hands and lips of any residue.. Pop a gum in your mouth, but make sure you wipe your lips. Use cologne or body spray to get rid of the smell. If you do smoke weed, try your best to avoid enclosed spaces. Outdoors is better so that the wind can push away the smoke. These are ways to cover up your deeds of weed smoking.

Having a Drink

You could also pretend that you are having a drink and not smoking. This is a trick that weed smokers use to stay hidden. Here is the trick in detail. Roll a joint. Then, get one of those empty containers you get at the fast food restaurant. Shorten the straw by cutting it to the length you want. Put the joint inside and then light it. Put the plastic lid back on the cup so that it looks like soda. Act as if you are taking a sip of soda instead of smoking weed. You may not be able to hide the smell of weed, though. However, it will make your actions less suspect in a crowd.

Cigarette Wrapper

You could also use those cigarette wrappers or urban wraps to make your joint. People will think you are smoking a cigarette and not weed smoking. Grind the weed and pack the empty cigarette wrapper with weed. People might detect the smell of the weed, but they won't know that it might be coming from your direction.

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The Choice

Weed smoking in public is not always recommended unless you are prepared. Therefore, be sure your joint is already rolled so you don't have to do that in public. If it concerns or worries you to smoke in public, then you should just wait until you get into the comfort of your own home. Learn more about weed smoking by visiting the Cannabis Training University.

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