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Have you ever wondered how you can flush THC before a drug test and got stuck in the rut?

In case you have, this is a guide intended for you.

If you have consumed some high THC strains, you know that it can give you a high that will literally knock your socks off. Now imagine that you have to take a drug test right after an evening of indulgence. The thought of it might promptly sober you, which unfortunately will not translate to the test being negative.

There are many reasons why you may be taking a drug test, but more often than not it is for employment purposes. While there are times adequate notice is given before a test is administered, most times, it’s an impromptu kind of thing.

What can truly help? How do you get that negative result? Join us as we outline the steps you need to take to flush out the THC in your body before a drug test.

How To Clean Out Your System In 24 Hours

What will be tested for?

Workplace drug tests typically use urinalysis (testing pee) to check for metabolites. Metabolites are “the byproducts of processed substances in your body.” The substance being tested for in this case is THC-OOH, the metabolite of THC.

After consuming marijuana, you accumulate THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in your body and these levels become immediately detectable. THC is the psychoactive component of your weed that is responsible for making you high. As the THC clears from your bloodstream, the metabolites left behind are what are detected by the drug test.

Both THC-OOH and THC are eventually stored in the fat cells of the body. The length of time differs from person to person based in a number of different factors.

Before you embark on getting clean for a test, consider the following factors:

  • The amount of THC you have consumed and therefore the quantity of metabolites that might be present in your system.
  • The type of test you will be required to take.
  • The testing levels that will be used at your drug screening

How Can You Tell How Much THC You Might Have In Your Body?

Several factors come into play when you are determining how much THC and THC and THC-OOH you have in your body, post consumption. These factors are:

  • Frequency of consumption: How often you consume THC determines how much of it you have in your system. Are you a daily smoker, weekly, very occasional? Do you take two joints in one sitting 3 times a day? Why is it important, you may ask? Because THC gets stored in our bodies, mostly in fatty tissues, having an excess constantly ensures that a lot more is stored, therefore at any one given point, if you consume a lot, you can expect to have a significant amount of THC and THC-COOH accrued in your body.
  • Total body fat: As we have discussed, THC-COOH and THC are stored in fat cells. What this means is that the more fat cells you have, the easier it is for YHC and its metabolites to get stored.
  • Metabolism & overall health: Naturally, the state of your health and metabolism play a big part in how fast you can break down and get rid of THC and its metabolites from your system. It is important to note that the process of exercise breaks down fat cells and pushes any THC stored there back into your system, which might then be detected by a drug test. It is important therefore not to work out when a test is due.
  • What you’re consuming: This should go without saying. The quality and type of your stash will have an effect on how high you get and how fast you can flush the THC from your system.  If for example you consumed concentrates or edibles, these will stay longer in your body than a roll, and the difference will show in eventual testing.

How Long Will THC Stay In The Body?

How long will THC stay in your body is a frequently asked question. Under normal circumstances, THC will stay in an infrequent user’s body for a period of 1-2 days post consumption. However, if you happen to consume every day, you can expect to have detectable levels long after you discontinue.

The half of THC metabolites is generally 7 days, what this means is that every 7 days the THC amount in your body will reduce by 50%. This will happen every 7 days until the THC is eliminated.

It will therefore take most people 3-4 weeks to totally clear the THC metabolites from their system, of course taking into consideration factors like weight and amounts and frequency of consumption.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Drug Tests?

With the growth of the population taking cannabis for recreational purposes, employers and agencies have become very shrewd in finding ways to detect even the littlest amounts of THC in their potential and current employees.

Some of the tests they run are:

Some of these tests are:

  • Urinalysis (UA): This tops as the most common drug test taken for the detection of marijuana. It is used by most originations because of its affordability and impressive accuracy. A urinalysis test will detect the metabolized form of THC, which is THC-OOH rather than the THC itself.
  • Blood Test: This test will pick up the THC present in your bloodstream. Unlike urinalysis, blood tests also indicate impairment.  This happens to be very good news for infrequent consumers as the THC is metabolized out of the blood stream in a couple of hours. However, for consumers who use more and in higher quantities, THC is still being released back into the blood stream constantly, which would be picked up by the tests long after they stopped using.
  • Hair Test: Though not very widespread, this method of testing measured the remnants of THC-OOH found in the follicle of the hair. This method can pick out races months after use was discontinued.
  • Saliva Swab TestThis test is usually used to conduct drug tests in unplanned places, such as on a roadside. This is due to the ease in carrying out this test. The saliva swab test detects the presence of the Δ9-THC. THC can remain in your saliva for 24 to 72 hour in the case of infrequent users. And it can remain for up to 30 days in the saliva of frequent users.

Sounds complicated, yes? As difficult as getting around this one might seem, we have a trick in the bag for it as well.

How Do I Pass A Drug Test?

What is the most logical thing to do if you have a drug test coming up?

You guessed it. Stop using immediately.

The longer the duration between when you last consumed and when you have to take your drug test, the higher your chances of coming out clean.

However, if that ship already sailed and you are faced with and impromptu drug test, here are some things you can do:

1. Use detoxification products

Detoxification products assist your body in getting rid of toxins including THC and its metabolites, in a relatively short time. They will flush out your body in between 3-5 days so this is a good option to take.

Ensure to take a home drug test before the actual drug test however, just to be sure.

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2.  Use a same day cleanser.

If you have been caught out unprepared in the glaring headlights of a test, do not despair. Same day cleansers can come to your rescue. Its action is that it targets the urinary tract, temporarily flushing out metabolites which give you a window in which you can collect a relatively clean sample.

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3.  Detox, naturally.

If you have time and are in good health, work that THC out of your system. Employ a nutritious diet, exercise and take plenty of water and in just 4-6 weeks you will be as good as new.

How To Flush Your System In 24 Hours

The fast rule of preparing your urine for a urine drug test on short notice is to dilute it enough for it fall beyond the threshold of 50ng/ml.

Is diluted urine the whole shebang?

Unfortunately not. Modern drug tests kits are also designed to check for how dilute your sample is.

In a nutshell, you need to make your urine dilute enough so that the metabolite levels are negligible yet not too dilute that it is picked s an anomaly.

How do you do that?

Take these steps and you will have the perfect sample in just 24 hours:

  • Water: This is the key component in flushing out your system. Take two three liters the day before the test and a further 1-2 liters in the day of the test.

That said; manage your consumption to ensure you stay within safe boundaries as excessive consumption of water could be dangerous.

Take these to mask your excessive water intake:

  • Vitamin B: This is to make your pee yellow and mask the diluteness. You could use either Vitamin B-2 or B-12 which you can purchase at your nearest drug store. 50-100 mg should be taken a few hours before your test.
  • Creatinine: This is a substance tested to check whether you have submitted a dilute substance. It is a product of muscle metabolism and naturally occurs in the body.

Taking creatinine (again purchased at a store) a few hours before your test will fix this sufficiently.

If you don’t want to go through the whole hustle of measuring your water intake and popping pills, you could just purchase Detox Drinks which already have all the necessary requirements mixed out for you in safe proportions.

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Other Tips To Help You Pass That Test:

  • Avoid Exercise before a test: As discussed previously, this will just re-introduce the stored THC back into your bloodstream.
  • Avoid the beginning and end of your pee stream: These are the most concentrated parts of your pee. Simply pee into the bowl first, stop and collect, then finish off in the bowl.
  • Do not give early morning pee, it is also very concentrated.

Synthetic Urine

When all else fails, give a sample that is not yours. You could either carry a synthesized form or carry someone else’s pee.

It goes without saying that the trick here is not to get caught.

Towards this end, ensure you conceal it properly and that you submit it at the right temperature, because yes, that is often checked too.

How Do You Pass A Hair Follicle test?

We promised you a tip on passing the hair follicle test.

It’s very simple really; use hair follicle drug test shampoos designed for this purpose and do not forget to use their home testing kits before your actual test.

Final Thoughts

One of the most stressful episodes a weed smoker will ever go through is a drug test. We hope this guide on how to flush out THC before a drug test will help you sail through that THC drug test into your dream career.

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