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If you want to know more about how to consume cannabis and this is your first time, then you are in for a treat after reading this article. If you have indulged in the consumption of cannabis in the past – but it has been two decades since – then this article will also benefit you, if you want to consume cannabis again.

For your very first cannabis experience or getting back to basics, we are sure you want to have an enjoyable experience and get that well-needed buzz that you are seeking as well as the therapeutic value it provides. Over the years, the cannabis market has evolved, especially since there are more strains involved, different dosages and of course, various consumption methods. So let's take a quick look at a few of the methods used to consume cannabis.

The Edibles

You might get the temptation of consuming cannabis-infused edibles instead of smoking a joint. If you are a first time user, this is not recommended. When you ingest cannabis, it offers a delayed response, which means that it will take about half an hour or more to feel the effect and when it does come on, the effect will last much longer than it would were you to smoke a joint. If you consume cannabis edibles that have a high level of THC, you might even experience paranoia for up to eight hours. Yes, it can be severely intense. So, you should be forewarned. Leave the edibles for later – until you become an experienced smoker.

The Recommendation

It is recommended that if you are to consume cannabis for the first time, you either use a vaporizer or build a joint. However, it is best to choose a cannabis strain that has lower levels of THC. If you don't know which strains to choose, go to your local cannabis dispensary and get help from a trained and experienced budtender. Or, you can do your own research first and then ask the budtender, if your choice is the best one. You should also familiarize yourself with dosage. However, you can only put so much flower into your joint and vaporizer so that is an easy undertaking. And that is why, it is best to use the vaporizer and joint method as a first time user.

The Bong

You can use a bong, especially if you want to have a smoother hit. The smoke from the bong is filtered through the water before you inhale. However, the hit can be too intense for a first time user. You don't want to have an intense experience, if you are to try cannabis for the first time or go back to it after many years of not using. So, the bong might not be for you unless you are a brave soul and don't mind trying it to see how you can manage its intensity. A bong helps when you are looking for a less respiratory or lung irritation. However, a vaporizer is the next best thing to do so, if you are not able to manage the bong. Some vaporizers use the actual flower, but for the most part, you would use hash oil in your vaporizer. Hash oil or cannabis oil provides a much smoother smoking experience.

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Final Summary

The cannabis strain is also essential to the process if you want to consume cannabis for the first time. You will have a choice of hybrid, sativa and indica strains, depending on the sensation or effect that you are trying to achieve. For a more creative and upbeat experience, the sativa strain would be the ideal choice. For a much relaxing and calming impact, the indica strain is definitely the right choice. A hybrid strain is a balance between the two.

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