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For those who live in the state of Arizona and are among the 170,000 medical marijuana patients, it might be confusing to learn your legal status as it relates to cannabis concentrates. You are not the only one who might be confused. In fact, the ruling from an Arizona legislature threw everything in limbo. Let's look at the issue more closely.

The Appeal

There is a conflict with the medical cannabis law in the state of Arizona. The original law in 1973 prohibited the use of marijuana. But, in the law, the definitions of cannabis and marijuana are convoluted and confusing. It describes the number of cannabis concentrates such as wax, tinctures, bubble hash, shatter, vape pen and rosin. Many law makers are now saying that these cannabis concentrates are unprotected under the marijuana laws of Arizona. Of course, that ruling will definitely be appealed by advocate groups and attorneys who are preparing to take the case to the Supreme Court of Arizona. Let's see if the case will be accepted. If so, then the appeal process could last for up to a year or more.

The Rules

While residents and business owners wait for the outcome, there are many marijuana dispensaries in Arizona that have vowed that they will continue to provide cannabis concentrates to medical patients. If you happen to be one of the medical patients affected by this cannabis law, then what should you be doing in the meantime. Below are some places to begin. If you happen to work in the cannabis industry, then you may have heard the rumor about revision of the rules. The current rules as it relates to cannabis concentrates in Arizona were initially created by the DHS. If law enforcement tried to arrest you, if you were not following their guidelines, then it would be considered an entrapment. However, once law enforcement is complying with the rules, you should be fine.

The Patient

If you happen to be a medical marijuana patient, it is a choice you have made to consume cannabis concentrates. And even though, the state might have laws to protect you, it is safe to say that you are not protected under federal laws. The feds still believe that any type of weed consumption and possession is illegal. So, you must realize that your consumption of weed is at your own discretion and risk. Knowing the state laws and your rights as a medical cannabis patient is important.

Things to Avoid

If you must consume cannabis concentrates as part of your medical treatment, then there are things you should know. You should always be aware of your immediate surroundings. It would be best to use it in the comfort of your own home and not in public because not everyone accepts the notion that marijuana has many benefits. In addition, just like smoking a cigarette, you would show respect to other people who might not like to see or be affected by second hand smoke. Make sure that you do not consume marijuana while driving or sitting in your car. If you are approached by law enforcement, it could get you in trouble. The smell of weed is enough to attract the attention of a cop and you do not want the negative attention or added stress. Throw out any wrappings, packaging or materials that might give you away. Leave paraphernalia at home when traveling.

Final Thoughts

If you are in a traffic stop, be careful what you say – only provide exact answers to questions asked by a cop. Know your rights. Know the cannabis laws and show your medical marijuana card, if necessary.

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