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How To Use Marijuana Responsibly As A Parent. Man rolling a joint.

How To Use Cannabis Responsibly As A Parent

In the age of cannabis legalization, there are more people wondering how to use cannabis responsibly as a parent. Many now use cannabis to relax after a stressful day, but if you're a parent that decision should be made with the utmost care.

Many believe that cannabis helps them improve their relationships with their children because it puts them in a more relaxed state of mind and better able to handle parenting issues.

However, there are some guidelines that parents need to abide by for the best interest of the children. There are some things that should and shouldn't be done. Let us first look at the things that parents can expect to do as it relates to smoking cannabis while parenting.

The Consideration

If you want to be considered a responsible parent, there are certain things that you need to consider. First, we know that there is nothing wrong with consuming cannabis as long as you do it carefully and responsibly.

Prior to consuming cannabis, you should ask yourself why you are doing it. You need to have the ideal answer to that question because if not, then you should not use cannabis.

What are the ideal answers? You could be smoking cannabis to dull your pain so that you can be more active in your child's life. You could be smoking it to reduce your stress so that you are not shouting at your child or children all of the time.

As an adult, you should have the right reasons to use cannabis. As long as you are not abusing it, but using it to fully develop your mind so you can be a better parent, nothing is wrong with your decision.

A Good Example

Some people might think that you are not setting a good example if you use cannabis as a parent. However, what is the difference when a parent takes prescribed drugs such as Ritalin and Xanax and your child remembers that you did once the child becomes an adult? Does that make you a bad parent?


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Arguably, you should not hide your deeds from your children and in many cases; they know what you are doing, even when you don't tell them. It is better to explain to a child why you are smoking cannabis.

If your explanation is dulling your pain or feeling relaxed, you child will believe you. If you don't tell your child, then you will have the child assuming something erroneously, which might be detrimental to you in the long run.

The Explanation

It is better that you educate your children as to the responsible way to use cannabis. It makes no sense to hide it from them because they might be introduced to it the wrong way.

Let them know that society has demonized cannabis, but explain to them that it has medicinal benefits and should not be mistreated or disrespected in any way.

Let them know that many people don't see it the way you do, but that you have done extensive research to educate yourself and once you don't abuse it, then it is okay to use cannabis.

It is best that your kids hear all of this from you. If they are smart, they will understand.

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Final Summary

Even though you own the home and your children have to succumb to your actions, it is best that you emphasize discretion and don't put your kids at risk.

Make sure your stash is locked away. Children don't know how to use anything responsibly, so those great edibles you enjoy could put them in the ER.

Remember, parenting is an important role and your kids depend on you to show them the way.

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