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What if you were asked to become a judge for a marijuana competition at an event? This might be something you can put on your bucket list, if you did not thing of this before. This is especially true for a marijuana enthusiast who wants to be a part of something important.

It should be an exhilarating experience to be able to inspect and give your opinion on several marijuana products. Your review is essential to the process and to the participants who wait in anticipation to hear the results, benefiting from a positive response since they put so much hard work into it. Some have put their life savings into this and others have been waiting for their dream to come true.

What is Involved?

There is a lot that is involved when being a marijuana competition judge. It is more than meets the eye. For those who are considering this venture, it is best to know what you are getting yourself into. You will get a better understanding of the basic things involved while you are judging the competitors in a marijuana competition. The first thing to know is whether you are qualified or not.

The Potential Judges

To become a marijuana competition judge, you will be given samples of each marijuana product. Your qualifying role will be determined by the kind of marijuana competition event. Sometimes, the events will be closed to the public while at other times; there will be a good crowd. In the closed competition, the judges are pre-selected by official staff members and this selection is based on the person's experience and merit. Most times, the judges chosen are from the professional community within the cannabis industry. And that is why this even is usually kept from the public.

Public Access

However, some marijuana competitions are open to the general public. But in this case, if you are going to be a judge, you have to be experienced, especially in the industry. You have to be qualified and have some kind of affiliation with the marijuana industry, in some way or the other. If you have an interest in being a marijuana competition judge, you must buy a pass prior to the event in the same way that a layperson would, if planning on attending this event.

For some competitions, a vetting system is used to pick judges. The applications would complete a questionnaire that details their affiliation within the industry and their experience. The staff members of the event will decide who is selected. This type of vetting system has become quite common for today's competitions. One of the reasons is that it gives the public fair access and it helps staff to control the narrative and pick the right individuals based on their qualification and merit. In so doing, they will pick the qualified individuals.

The Qualifications

A potential judge will receive a kit with product samples that will be used in the competition. You will have a better chance of being picked if you have judged in a similar competition in the past. If you have worked in the cannabis industry or you have a marijuana dispensary business, you also stand a better chance of being selected. It would be to your advantage as well to have some experience with marijuana products in any other capacity. If you live in the area, you will also qualify to judge. You must understand the profile and features of various marijuana strains and products including marijuana bud structures, identifying traits and more.

Final Thoughts

If you are chosen as a marijuana competition judge, make sure you read the guidelines and try each sampled product while you take notes for proper assessment. As a judge, you will have several benefits.

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