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If you prefer not to smoke your cannabis, using a gravity bong would be a great choice. Invertible gravity bong or infinity gravity bong are names used to describe the famous device used by cannabis takers to consume cannabis. It is practically an excellent alternative to smoking your cannabis.

If you're new to the world of cannabis, you're probably asking what a gravity bong is? Or how exactly does a gravity bong work? This guide highlights the important things to know about a gravity bong, including how to make yours at home.

Read on to learn more interesting facts about enjoying cannabis using a gravity bong.

What is a Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong

A gravity bong is known by many names — GB, geebie, jib, bucket bong, hookah, reverse gravity bong, etc. Gravity bongs are homemade devices used for smoking or consuming cannabis — a rather ingenious invention that makes the cannabis experience a bit more worthwhile. Every marijuana smoker should definitely get their hands on this product.

Quite a number of varieties of gravity bongs are available on the market today. Users have the liberty to choose the ones they most prefer. If you’ve ever used a gravity bong, then you're aware that the device typically extracts as much smoke as possible when you light up your dried marijuana herbs. The device then pumps the extracted material into your lungs.

Note that a gravity bong is often made entirely of glass (some, though, are built from plastic), and can be made at home in a few simple steps.

How Does a Gravity Bong Work?

Gravity bongs work by submerging a small bottle inside a gravity bong bowl containing cannabis. The bowl is placed on top of a larger bottle or bucket of water. The user lights up the cannabis, which burns slowly and heats up the water. At this point, you can slowly draw the bottle out of the water to fill it with smoke from the burning cannabis.

 Next, you undo the lid and place your mouth over the bottle’s opening. Push the bottle down to allow gravity to bring up the cannabis smoke into your lungs.

Can New Users Start With Gravity Bongs?

A gravity bong would be great fun for already experienced consumers. At the least, you already know your tolerance level, and what strain of weed works well for you. But for users who are relatively new to cannabis, it's best not to start with gravity bongs.

With the simple steps highlighted in the procedure below, you can make yourself one for use at home. Otherwise, you can buy your preferred type from the market.

How to Make a Gravity Bong at Home — Using the Bucket Bong Method

Making a gravity bong is a relatively easy job. Thankfully, most of the items you'll need to build it are already available in the house.

There are at least two excellent methods for constructing your gravity bong at home. Here, we'll go through the bucket gravity bong method, which is the most common method. A bucket gravity bong typically uses water to push the cannabis smoke up and out of an empty bottle, directing it into your lungs.

Materials Needed

To make a bucket gravity bong, you'll need the following items:


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  • An empty plastic bottle
  • A container filled with water, preferably one larger than the plastic bottle
  • Scissors
  • A drill
  • Downstem and bowl, or aluminum foil


#1 Making the Bong

Get the empty plastic bottle and cut it in half. What you actually need the rest of the way is the top half, so feel free to toss the bottom of the bottle away.

#2 Prepping the Bowl

For this step, you have two different options. The first involves using an actual downstem and bowl, the same kind of combination you'll find in a regular rig. Next, drill a hole into the lid of the cut bottle, then press the downstem into the hole and slide the bowl into the downstem. 

Note that for best results, the hole you drill into the bottle top should be precisely the same diameter as the downstem, such that when the downstem is inserted into the hole, you would have an airtight combination 

Aside from using an actual downstem and bowl combination, an alternative is to use a DIY bowl with aluminum foil. Fold a square piece of foil in half and place it over the top of the empty bottle. Next, use your fingertip to create a slight depression in the aluminum foil by pressing it down. Finally, with the aid of a toothpick, needle, or any sharp-pointed object, create several tiny holes in the foil.

#3 Fill the Container With Water

At this point, you can use a bucket or any sizable bowl as your container. Your bucket bong, as well as your downstem and bowl, are almost ready for use. Fill the container with some water, but not all the way to the top. This is because you'll later need to press the bottle down into the water, so you want to avoid spilling the water.

#4 Your Bucket Gravity Bong is Ready!

At this point, you're ready to light up and smoke your cannabis. Place a pinch of your preferred ground cannabis into the bowl. Hold the gravity bong in one hand and push it down into the water. Be careful not to spill the water.

#5 You Can Now Light Up and Take a Hit

While the gravity bong is kept submerged in the water, use a lighter to light up the cannabis. Gently and slowly begin to lift the bottle up out of the water once the cannabis starts smoking. This action creates a vacuum that sucks the cannabis smoke out of the bowl, and into the empty plastic bottle.

Note that you can also use a hemp wick to ignite the cannabis. Also, do not lift the bottle entirely or fast out of the water as you risk losing all the smoke. Your aim is to lift the bottle up enough to draw all the smoke down into it without fully emerging from the liquid. 

Now that you've got your cannabis smoke inside the bottle, gently remove the downstem and bowl, then place your mouth over the opening of the bottle and inhale. Once more, push the bottle down again into the water with care. Now, the smoke is forced up out of the bottle and into your lungs.

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Is Gravity Bong More Effective than Other Means of Consuming Your Cannabis?

Yes, smoking cannabis as gravity bongs extracts and forces heavily concentrated smoke into your lungs, making you ‘higher'.

 Your lungs are filled to capacity with each hit, unlike when you draw smoke from wrapped ground weed. Because of the heavy THC content in each pipe, gravity bongs are not very well suited for newbies in cannabis consumption.

Bottom Line

Smoking cannabis can be truly enjoyable with gravity bongs. However, beginners should know their cannabis tolerance level before taking hits from gravity bongs. We've only discussed one method of making GBs here.

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