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How Do You Make Hashish From Cannabis Plants. Hash on a rug.
How Do You Make Hashish From Marijuana Plants

Humans have learned how to manipulate marijuana plants by turning it into hashish. This part of the plant is sticky so much so that it can burn like a candle would and it has longer lasting effects and is more potent than the dry flowers. Hashish has trichomes of flowers in it. When these build up, they, in turn change to resins. If you have ever trimmed weed from a huge crop and done it in a single day, you will know about the hash build up that you see and feel on the scissors and your fingers.

Hash originated as a concentrate in Nepali. It was created by rubbing marijuana buds between the fingers. This is to  attempt to break up the trichomes from the cannabis plant. There are other methods of streamlining the process in addition to rubbing it between the fingers, even though, this method is still feasible, and especially for the person that has time to do this time-consuming activity.

Early Evidence

The precise speed and texture to burn hashish could be different from one concentrate to the other. However, most hash is able to be used in a similar way. In addition, it can be put on top of grounded flowers that you have in a bowl or it can be rolled in a joint if you are looking for more potency. The earliest evidence of hashish indicates that the resin was used in making incense, which became a spiritual representation for some people. As humans evolved, hashish was used in innovative ways. Let's now investigate where hashish came from.

The Origin

It was in the 11th century that hashish was talked about. In fact, it was mentioned during an argument that transpired between two Muslims who had different opinions of whether it was being abused as drugs among residents. During this period, Arabs used to blame the Sufis and Mongols about hashish distribution throughout Arabia. Even though, this cannot be proven, it can still be said that the invasion of Mongol coincides with the popularity and spread in the use of hashish from marijuana plants.

During the 11th century, trade routes reopening between Europe and the East coincided with the idea that hashish was being funneled into Arabia and used as a drug. In the same period, Residents of the Indian subcontinent have been said to ingest hashish as a beverage known as Bhang. In fact, this beverage is commonly used at Hindu festivals. Let's now dive into how hashish is made from marijuana plants.

Charas Hashish

There are various methods you can use to make hashish from marijuana plants. Usually, depending on the method used, the marijuana strain used and the person using the method, the end product could have a different name. Charas and Bubble Hash are the two most common ones. If you are interested in making charas,  you would remove the flowers that are live from the marijuana plant. Then you need to rub the flowers using your fingers. Make a circular motion while you have the flowers between your fingers or finger pads. Agitating the flowers allows the trichomes to be broken up. This forms a sticky resin, which you would scrape from your fingers or finger pads. The sticky resin is now either smoked or used to create a beverage or drink.

Bubble Hashish

Bubble hashish is made using ice and water, which separates the trichomes from the marijuana plant material. The ice and water is used to get the trichomes frozen so that the plant material can be washed away. The trichomes are released as the ice and water combination agitates the plant material. During the process, the dense trichomes sink into the ice water while the plant material floats toward the top. The final step is to sift the water and dry the hashish to use for whatever purpose you decide. Learn more about making hashish from marijuana plants by going to the Cannabis Training University.

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