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There was a time when you only had a small selection of marijuana oils to purchase, if you wanted to use it for dabbing. However, when you walk into a marijuana dispensary, the display cases are filled with marijuana extracts and cannabis concentrates. So, you have a wider selection and more varieties to choose from. Many of the marijuana dispensaries cater to patients who have an increased demand for the best marijuana extracts and other cannabis products.

New To Dab

Are you new to the dabbing phenomenon? If so, then you may have a lot of questions, even before we begin. You may want to know about the cost for marijuana extracts and the types that you should consider buying. We are providing a guide to walk you through it. At the end, you will have a better understanding of it all and you will know what you should look for when you step into the cannabis dispensary to buy dabs and marijuana extracts. Prior to making your purchase of dabs, you should ensure that you have all that you need in order to deliver one. You will need a setup to do your dabbing. That means you may need things like a dome, nail, torch and water pipe setup. Now, let's see how the cost of flower compares to that of marijuana extracts.

The Cost Comparison

A gram of hash oil cost more than a gram of flower. However, bear in mind that there is a potency difference. Marijuana buds usually start from 10 percent level of THC up to 25 percent. The concentrate can go up to 90 percent and start at 50 percent. There will be a steeper investment initially, but when it comes to dabs, a little will go a long way. Cannabis concentrates in comparison to flowers are usually more cost effective.

However, it does depend on the level of potency per price ratio of the product. The price of hash oil and flower varies significantly in a wide range of cannabis markets and it also depends on the product's brand. You should first check the menu at the local cannabis dispensary. For instance, if you purchased a half of gram of butane and paid only $25, and you also bought a hash oil with a high level of potency for $70, your purchase will depend on the regional market, potency and brand.


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The Time Factor

Now, you want to know how long a gram of hash oil will last when your make your purchase. There are different factors when it comes to marijuana extracts and oils. If you dab occasionally, then half a gram of hash oil is enough to last for about two weeks. In comparison, if you are a heavy consumer with tolerance for high levels of THC, you may blow through the same amount in as little as two days. You can get about 20 days out of half a gram of hash oil, but it aso depends on the potency and the size of the product.

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Determining the Potency and Purity

You might want to know how to determine the potency and purity of your marijuana extracts. To determine the quality of the extract, you would consider several factors. You would have to purchase oils that are light gold in color, if you are looking for the best quality. You wouldn't look for consistency and texture to determine potency and purity. The best way to determine potency and purity is testing in a lab. This is the surefire method to measure CBD content and residual solvents. If you want to learn more about purchasing dabs and marijuana extracts, visit the Cannabis Training University today.

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