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Cannabis smokers and marijuana consumers want a product that can get them high. Cannabis high is an important aspect of smoking weed.

Edibles made from weed can give the most cannabis high because it goes into your blood stream and kicks in after about an hour or an hour and a half. Before you know it, you are out cold. For consuming edibles made with cannabis, you have to probably wait for hours before it wears off. Some marijuana enthusiasts get high to impress their friends.

You should never do that. If you smoke a high grade cannabis strain, it also gives you that intense cannabis high that may not allow you to operate as you did before.

If you have less tolerance for cannabis, you may want to steer clear of high grade marijuana strains or edibles packed with high grade strains. The potency of the weed is what gives you that intense cannabis high. So, you should know this before indulging in smoking or eating marijuana products. How to come down from a marijuana high.

Tips to Reduce an Intense Cannabis High

An Uncomfortable Experience

You can have an uncomfortable experience, if you smoke high grade weed and you have no tolerance for its potency. That is for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. Leave it to them and choose another method of getting high or find a way to come down from your cannabis high.

You should also not excessively consume cannabis. Below are some tips to help you from being that high and for coming down from your high. Don’t panic yet. Let’s take a closer look on how you can be helped.

The Effect

Eventually, you will be OK, if you get high from cannabis. Within hours, you should be good and ready to go. Most of your symptoms will be a grogginess, sleepiness or fatigue. Some people will feel nauseous if they consume too much of the edibles made from high grade marijuana. You may feel sweaty and have a fair amount of hallucination, if you do not relax and allow the cannabis high to run its course.

One thing to be aware of and that is there is no overdosing with marijuana. You don’t have to freak out about that. Unlike other drugs, marijuana is safe to consume.

Be Aware of Your Limits

You should know what your limits are. Do not consume more than what you can manage. Prepare yourself before consuming cannabis. Make sure that you are with at least one friend so that there is someone to drive you home, if they have to. It would be better, though, to do this in the comfort of your own home. If you are doing it around friends, do not let them pressure you into consuming more than you can handle.

Take everything slow, when you are consuming edibles. Only try a little piece of cannabis brownie and don’t swallow the whole thing. The standard dosage for edibles is ten milligrams. If you are using a vaporizer, limit your hits.

Hydration is Important

You should always drink water when smoking weed. If you prefer juice, then that is OK too. But being hydrated is important to how you come down from your cannabis high. You won’t have to worry about having a dry mouth and hydration knocks you back into reality sooner rather than later.

Do not drink alcohol while consuming marijuana. It only intensifies the outcome and increases the level of THC in your blood.

Black Pepper Corns

Black pepper is said to be a solution to cannabis high. Sniff the black pepper corns or chew them and it is said that you will be instantly relieved. Of course, expect to sneeze.

Other Ways to Help

To calm down from cannabis high, just go to sleep. By the time that you awake, you will feel brand new again. Focus on your breathing as you drift off to sleep or relaxation. If you don’t feel like sleeping, go for a walk. This will rejuvenate you and get the blood pumping through your veins.

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You could take a bath or shower to calm yourself down. Eat something sweet and it could get you to come back to reality.

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