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What is a Dutch Bud? It is a tulip marijuana joint that maximizes the way that you get high and how high you get. It provides the marijuana user with more space for the weed to fit when it is rolled. It's larger than the traditional joint that you roll. The tulip marijuana joint is known as a specialty from Amsterdam. It is similarly shaped like a tulip flower.

Of course, if you have never rolled or smoked this joint before, you will need to practice. Rolling it is not as easy as the traditional joint, but practice and effort makes it possible. Why is it better than the traditional? It is bigger and it has the capability to burn for more than half an hour without even having to relight multiple times.

The First Step

If you are new marijuana smoker, there are specific things you should know. First, you have to cut up the weed evenly. You can use a grinder or cut it up using a pair of scissors. Be sure to create a square shape with the rolling paper. You can put two or three rolling papers together. Be creative. Now, let's go into the different steps to make sure that your tulip marijuana joint is made perfectly.

Things You Need

There are certain things you would need to start the process. First, you would need rolling papers. You would need about five of them. Then, you would need a filter tip made from paper or you can make a filter tip yourself from paper or a tiny piece of soft cardboard. You would also need the marijuana strain or herb blend that you like, but make sure it is more than you would normally use for the typical marijuana joint.

The Instructions

Let's now look at the step by step instructions of how to roll your tulip marijuana joint. The first thing you do is rolling that filter. You will need it for the mouth of the joint. You can use a standard filter. Put the filer in the end of your paper, after which you would fill up the paper with wed that has been grinded. It should be similar to making the traditional joint. Now start to roll the tulip marijuana joint into a cone shape. With your tongue, lick the inside edge of the paper. Finish the rolling until you have the wrap fully stuck. Use your fingers to tap the area where you inserted the filter so that the weed is packed down. Stoke the joint so that it can get loose and then put it to one side.

Final Steps

Make a larger cone, which will look like the bulb you see in a tulip flower. Start by using three of the papers. Lick the edge where it is sticky. Attach the three papers to each other so that it forms a rectangular shape. Put it aside too. Tear the last paper so that you have a half of one, which you will be twisting into something like a thin rope. Fold the rectangular paper into a large cone shape. How do you do this? Leave the sticky edge up toward the top of the rectangle and then fold the bottom corner up to cover the sticky edge. Be sure to leave out most of the sticky edges so that you can close up the bulb after licking the edge. Once the edge is licked and the paper folded to seal it, now is time to let it dry, after which you would open up the cone. Fill up the cone with your marijuana strain and then gently pack it down.

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Wrapping it Up

Now you are going to need to get the first marijuana joint you earlier put aside. Turn upside down and then put it inside the large cone that you filled with your favorite marijuana strain. Around the smaller marijuana joint you inserted, any excess paper from the rectangle. Join it together and then you would seal it by tying the thin rope securely enough around it. Fold any excess paper that might be sticking out around the large cone. This allows you to get that tulip marijuana joint. Learn more about the tulip marijuana joint at the Cannabis Training University.

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