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If you are a recreational user, advocate or enthusiast of marijuana, you may already know some things about rosin dabs, smoking weed, cannabis concentrates, shatter and the like.

But, for the novice, this is not something that they may be comfortable with. We will try to simplify this as best as possible so that even the novice can get a good grip of what this is all about.

Marijuana comes in different forms and you can consume it in various ways, from vaporizers to joints to concentrates to edibles. They all have one ingredient in common and that is marijuana.

Rosin Dabs Can Be Done At Home

People who love rosin dabs will love the idea that there are instructions on how to make it at home. In fact, this concept is making waves in the cannabis industry and in many communities across the United States where marijuana is already legal.

The good thing is that making rosin dabs is an extraction method that anyone can do at home. By the time, you are done; you will have the highest quality hash oil you could ever imagine.

Cannabis Concentrates

Rosin dabs can be made inexpensively and safety at home and can be done within minutes as long as you have all your tools, supplies and resources readily available. What does the method entail? Well, it will require pressure and heat so as to squeeze the resins from the kief, flower and bubble hash. The basic things you need are:

  • Hair straightener
  • Tools
  • Parchment paper

With these basic items, you can make quality hash oil or rosin dabs with a high level of potency and good flavor.

The Aesthetics of Rosin Dabs

Rosin is aesthetically difficult to distinguish from sap or shatter. But, there are differences.

Rosin has no residual solvents because these will usually remain behind after the extraction process that involves propane or butane. Even though, you may be using butane at home the process does not have to be risky or dangerous. You can do so safely. For that reason, rosin dabs are impacting the cannabis industry and the cannabis market.


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You will definitely find these on the shelf of most marijuana dispensaries across the country. Let's look at how you would make your own instead of buying from your local cannabis dispensary.

The Initial Instructions

Make sure the heat on your hair straightener is set at about 300 degrees. If the temperature goes any higher, you might lose the value of your terpenes because they may evaporate.

You will need your marijauna flowers, kief or bubble hash. Make sure the parchment paper is unbleached. You will need a collection tool and gloves that are resistant to heat. Handle the hair straightener with caution. In fact, that is why you would need gloves to be safe.

The Steps

Turn on the hair straightener and get it to its regulated temperature as discussed above. Cut parchment paper into small pieces. Fold in half and put the material you are using into the folded parchment paper and then press lightly with your fingers.

Line the marijuana buds carefully inside the parchment paper and for about seven seconds, apply pressure using your hair straightener.

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After the resin has been melted under the pressure of the heat from the hair straightener, it is time to remove the sample and open up the folded parchment paper. The nug will appear flattened. Pluck it away from the parchment paper and get your collection tool.

You have to be very careful and so patient since this can be a sticky procedure to collect the rosin dabs.

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