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You can save your cannabis buds before they get too dry and lose the flavor and aroma. It is fortunate that there are DIY hacks you can use to help you get the freshness back in our cannabis buds as well as the moisture.

If you purchase cannabis in bulk, this is very important because your cannabis buds will tend to dry up when you have too many stored in one place. In many cases, this also happens when your stash is on the shelf for a long time or when it is stored in a dry place.

There are people who make the wrong assumption that if cannabis is dry, it has no benefit. However, it can still make you high, even though it is always preferred that the cannabis buds are sticky and fresh.

Fortunately, there are various ways that you can add moisture to dry cannabis buds. All of this can be done inside the home and in private. We have put together some tips to help you save your dry cannabis buds, keeping them fresh and maintaining them for use and benefit.

Using Orange Peels

Did you know that orange peels can be sued to save your dry buds? Yes, and in fact, this is the most common technique used by many individuals. The reason why it may be the most common technique is that it is more practical and easier.

Get a glass container and your orange peels as well as the dried stash. The peel size will be dependent on the amount of cannabis buds in your stash.

Make sure the orange peel is kept in the container for a couple of hours and then take it out. You don't want to keep it in the container too long or the moisture will cause the cannabis to get moldy and then it would have no use to you. And so it is essential that you watch the process carefully to avoid this.

Items in the Refrigerator

There are some things in your pantry or refrigerator that you can use. Some of them include bread, apples and lettuce. You should use just one slice of bread and make sure it is white bread, place it in the container along with the cannabis and let it sit overnight. The white bread will provide the appropriate moisture your cannabis buds need to come back to life.

The same thing is true for the lettuce, providing moisture to the cannabis buds. In this case, you would use paper towels to put over the lettuce so the cannabis buds don't stick together and then that is when you would place it in the same container.

Of course, you could also use fruits like apples as a way to moisten dried up buds. In fact, applies work better than orange peels. Slice the apple first though before proceeding.

Paper Towel

If you don't have any lettuce or apple or white bread that can be used to save your dry cannabis buds, then you could dampen sheets of paper towel and use it. Lay the dried buds on its side in a jar and then place the dampened paper towel over the top of your jar and then place the lid on the jar, leaving it for a couple of hours.

You can also use a plastic bag, adding them to the jar after poking holes in it, allowing for the appropriate moisture retention. This allows your cannabis buds to regain some of its life because the moisture from the paper towel transfers into them.

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Final Thoughts on Tips for Saving Your Dry Cannabis Buds

You can also add freshly picked buds to your dried cannabis. This will help to refresh them. You can also use wet cotton balls. It works the same way as the paper towels.

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