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If you're in the market for a job, there are some simple tips to passing a cannabis drug test you should know. It's important to ensure you get the THC out of your system before you show up for the testing. For those who use marijuana frequently, passing a cannabis drug test might be a challenge. However, it is possible to pass with flying colors with our tips below.

You first have to learn the steps to detoxing the cannabis from your body in chemical and natural ways. You also need to know the fastest methods in case you get called out of work for a random drug test.

Fat and THC

THC is a chemical compound that is classified as a cannabionid and found in the marijuana plant. THC is fat soluble, meaning it is easily storied in your body's fat cells. THC is generally traced using things like someone's blood, saliva, finger nails, hair and urine. So, make sure you know the type of cannabis drug test that your potential employer will use and how they will trace it.

The THC in the marijuana plant is quickly absorbed in the body through smoking. In fact, when you smoke weed, it reaches a peak in nine minutes or less. If you consume it by eating edibles or other infusion methods, it takes longer to get into your bloodstream.

Why Do Companies Still Test for THC?

The cannabis drug test is administered in a wide range of settings and done for a variety of reasons, even in states where marijuana is legal recreationally. The most common reason is to meet requirements for pre-employment. Some companies also give employees random drug tests.

If you get injured on the job, you can also most likely guarantee you'll receive a drug test for workers' compensation.

Always be prepared and ready. One good thing is that most companies know that you cannot be fully free of the THC chemical or its metabolites in order to pass a cannabis drug test. All you need is to have a potency level that is below the actual threshold in order to pass the test. The threshold is usually 50 NG/ML. Once your test registers below this number, you will enjoy negative test results.

Steps to Take to Pass Your Drug Test

It's obviously more risky if you do a cannabis drug test just a day after you have used marijuana in any way. It's best to give yourself a few days to get flushed.

Forget about gulping down too much water on the day that you will be doing the test. Yes, water is good to hydrate your body. But too much water intake can be dangerous or result in a test too diluted.

The day before doing the cannabis drug test, drink about two liters of water. A few hours before your drug test, drink an additional liter.

Exercising the day before may spike the level of THC in your blood. Take vitamin B12, B2 and B complex because it could improve your chances for a negative drug test. Make sure your drug testing is schedule in the afternoon because you don't want the tester to use the first morning urine.

There are many people that use simply Certos, Gatorade and water to pass a drug test. You can find Certos and Gatorade in any Walmart. Certos is found in the Jello aisle.

You can also purchase synthetic urine from many head shops. You heat it up in the microwave or place it close to your body for an hour before the test to heat to body temp.

You need to make sure that you're going to a testing facility where they don't leave the door open when you use the restroom. You need privacy while you make sure the synthetic urine gets to temp. A temperature gauge on the side of the bottle will help you judge.

The lab worker will quickly look to see if your urine is at the correct temp when you hand it to them so you need to make sure you're accurate. This is the case when using someone else's urine as well. The temperature is the most important factor during the test.

If you're thinking of using synthetic urine for a probation drug screening or something of that nature, don't even try it. Getting caught using products like the Whizzinator will just land you in more trouble. 

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Final Summary

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