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Rolling trays come in all sorts of designs and materials and are great for rolling weed on. The King Palm brand introduces a ton of premium rolling tray options at great prices.

Having a reliable and clean area to roll up will save time. It also eliminates the need to clean up a messy area, whether on a kitchen table or coffee table. 

Weed trays are desirable accessories to have in a cannabis smoker’s toolbox. Let’s take a look at the top 10 best weed rolling trays for users to grab and utilize in their homes. 

Top 10 Weed Rolling Trays

10. Medium Black Metal Weed Tray (10.5 x 6.5 Inch)

These offer a sleek new way to incorporate into their smoking session without spillage. When out with friends, it’s easy to pull a weed rolling tray out with no hassles. The trays are convenient to take anywhere and are useful for when smokers need them most. 

It comes in a solid black color made with pure metal that makes it a high-quality piece of equipment. The way it's crafted ensures it will last for many years. 

The medium-sized weed tray is easy to travel with and allows for organizations with smoking accessories. Whether a person wants to grind, roll, or light up, there’s no limit to how they can apply it to their cannabis consumption

9. Large Black Metal Weed Tray (13.5 x 11 Inch)VSz b8YmO7wapDij9x9qZb6u MHsAoyR5NCOqVybJs HBmm31cMd D

A large weed rolling tray is the simplest tool to add to a person’s lifestyle, especially if they need a larger tray to place all their smoking equipment. 

It can be purchased in a solid black color that’s perfect for any occasion. There’s nothing better than having a premium surface to store a bong, vape, or wrap. These are suitable for those with a long inventory of smoking accessories. 

8. Small Metal Rolling Tray With Fruits (7 x 5.5in)V YvD9tcIKXsTx6WLxu1QR8Hl bSF5tm5cDOL0HQdXjPAKCoKTjk2idSkbhwuUHBsEp2J dF9rTLTGJ1HeIS4Ya6lxVK3wGYyhwYY mccUBG76U0O fEN5O6WJCe6MSf0orkve9wajGo6lrH F9RFPY

When a person is looking to add something new to their cannabis lifestyle, they will find a metal rolling tray to suit their needs. 

It’s a small compact weed tray with fruity designs that permit users to travel in style. An individual gets a white finish under a distinct pattern design. The tray also offers a fun flair to a good smoke session while avoiding any messy weed crumbs. 

Grinding won’t become a huge hassle when users have a small fruit weed tray that goes well in any mood setting. These are simple to pack up and pull out when the time comes to apply to a quick smoke break. 

7. Small Camo Pattern Metal Rolling Tray (7 x 5.5in)S1VyexNN9c

A polished monochrome finish is perfect for those with particular tastes or preferences in this style. 

It’s small enough to use around homes, small outings, and events. Anyone may relish the accessibility it provides, especially if they dislike messy surfaces. A snow camo rolling tray provides a metal material that makes it a lifelong accessory to keep in a person’s environment.

The edges of the tray allow any debris to stay within the tray without toppling over onto other surfaces. It’s an essential tool to keep in every cannabis enthusiast's assembly. 

6. Metal Rolling Tray – Berry Terps – Small (7 x 5.5 Inch)

The Berry Terps rolling tray is compact, and made out of metal. Its surface offers just enough space to roll up and leave a couple of cannabis smoking accessories on it such as a grinder, and pre-rolled cone. It’s the perfect weed tray for those who are fans of the King Palm Berry Terps hand-rolled leaf cones.

It’s a unique blue coloring with a wordy design that’s sure to grab everyone’s attention. It can be packed into a backpack or bag for an on-the-go activity. An individual may have an enjoyable time packing their pre-rolled cones without the fuss of cleaning up afterward. 

The tray provides a surface anyone can rely on without looking for something to roll their blunts or joints on. These pack a powerful metal material that’s easy to clean up when needed. 

A rolling surface is a perfect way to embed into anyone’s distinguished style regardless of a person’s location or environment. 

5. Metal Rolling Tray – Lift Off – Small (7 x 5.5 Inch)nfBAcWJlBp

These weed trays are designed with a rocket lift-off artwork giving people a cool uplifting style to incorporate into their smoking parties. The perfect addition to this rolling tray is the Mars weed grinder from King Palm, make your way into space with this collection.

It’s a small packed tray for users to travel to party events with their distinct tray. Anyone would relish partaking in rolling or packing their joints with these trays for daytime and nighttime activities. 

The rocket rolling surface is sturdy enough to add all kinds of smoking accessories, whether packing pipes, bongs, or dabs. These are sure to give the lift a weed lover needs to take on their daily duties. 

They provide a robust choice different from other trays an individual sees in the market. 

4. Last Prisoner Project – 6 Paper Rolling Trays3eytuOW5SE HhK4jwXZFLF1uJxIrSACdg5j3Bdu bPi6B3k7nlyJZu2iswwl8UW2qcL4OQqcI8mVhbE vf9IUhXbN0UBSCPQjt z3oHw6v8S k6s3QIn4rVsFzTGcsMYfsaCNQDWcajaRsfoPWuKQJQ

The last prisoner project raises awareness for incarcerated individuals due to their weed consumption. 

The tray spreads awareness further by implementing a spotless, stylish joint wrap design with the last prisoner project text. It offers anyone buying the tray an opportunity to share it with others in the community. 

It’s a supportive project that gets everyone’s attention, plus it gives them a workable surface for all smoking materials. 

With an effortless cleaning assembly, there’s everything to gain about the weed tray that can turn heads. There aren’t other quality trays in the market like this one that make an impact for the better. 

3. Mad Scientist Glass Rolling TrayBZANaMB4x9CA1YCTm9YeeJxPqb6QFsLsOqAafOqXNtFmjx15Gy1zySXIwesa7hwZElN0zzanFM A96ebRjIOVgzpDkoZH9ePkBqd5B6cpV3GZuLVDip1sCvjf

The mad scientist rolling glass tray is the perfect portable surface a person needs for social gatherings. It’s a medium-sized tray measuring 10 X 6 inches offering a clean and cool design. 

It’s crafted from pure glass that’s shattered-resistant, so no one can worry about breaking or chipping the tray. Also, the smoking surface gives users the chance to avoid scratching their tables since it has rubber feet on the bottom. 

An artwork with a mad scientist is a high-quality tray giving people happy moods all-year round. The tray provides people a way to station anywhere in their home with an effortless smoking session. 

2. Shatter Resistant Glass Rolling TrayQoRR qzT89vtSOKVMkQrWBQY8gSflYHwabiXtsi1PLe3dGRLI8hHPqYGJu83d4Bvma okwSsfGHdfwqswN4MtlikjhMUuRqu4e dhykV6ZmmLXv2CaVGl 73uz7w4XJNFg4PThcif0zPvGHNd8tAKo8

A distinguished shatter-resistant glass rolling tray is great for taking everywhere. The size is about 6 x 4 inches giving off a small look to the entire tray. 

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The glass brings a touch of sophistication with a beach ocean design in black and white coloring. Its’ artwork is designed well with a nice custom appearance.  

Since weed flowers can get everywhere, the tray keeps everything in place that doesn’t get messy. 

1. Glow Tray Light Up Rolling Tray

These rolling trays provide a lighting experience of a lifetime since it has 16 different color lights and moods with a remote to change them for the right mood setting. 

The trays are useful for the nighttime toke session that can light a user's way. They’re also great for the midday slump and morning slumber. 

Due to the hard plastic material, users won’t need to worry about breaking or mishandling them. We also recommend trying out their latest naturally made Blunt Glue for sale, which is great for sealing up joints and blunts (Especially blunts and joints in kief/flower)!  They also have a premium selection of ashtrays and dry herb grinders too!

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