Skip to main content has been a force to reckon with when it comes to reaching billions of people all over the world for weed Youtubers as well. However, if you are going to be an advertiser or marketer, there are rules that you have to follow if you are going to upload cannabis videos on These days has been scrutinized for various reasons.

For one, by responding to the complaints of some advertisers, has taken away the power of monetizing from some members. They have also created algorithms that negatively affect the organic reach of specific target audience.

In addition, they began to keep members from including content that was not ad related or friendly. These specific actions were taken as a way to react to the complaints. However, it would serve well if they changed their tune and moderate the channels instead of making such a major generic change to uploaded cannabis videos.

They should monitor the channels to make sure that the content is relevant and informative. But instead, they did a purge across the board and so many members were adversely affected.

Marijuana videos purge on Youtube

The Cannabis Video Purge

This kind of purge resulted in a dramatic cut back on content related to cannabis videos that may not have been monitored or even supervised by its owner, but floating effortlessly over the Internet. However, as long as the owner's channel provides informative facts about marijuana, then what seems to be the problem?

And it is not only the regular person that got kicked of their channels, but big names like Leafly, Urbanremo in Canada and Marihuana TV, a channel with Spanish content.

Once the big names were affected, it trickled down to other small channel owners. Even today, the action of is being felt by other channel owners.

Is there any hope of this ending?

Moving Cannabis Content on Youtube

Ashley from “Positive Smash” began providing content for her cannabis videos in 2016. Before you knew it, she was making enough money to pay her bills and by then had more than 150,000 subscribers. All of a sudden, she too got shut down by

Her loyal subscribers did not know what to make of it because they were no longer receiving the content they had come to rely on from Ashley and she no longer had a reliable income. Ashley is not giving up though. Like many others, she is moving her cannabis content to other popular social media platforms.

Once subscriber, Chronic Crafter Sarah experienced the same thing that Ashley did and she moved her channel to instead.

Sarah feels that has lost their vision and no longer care about the subscribers either. Learn more about making cannabis videos by visiting the Cannabis Training University.

Weed Youtubers

Nowadays there are thousands of weed youtubers who have grown to be followed by millions of people. Cannabis Training University's Youtube page now has over 4 million views!

YouTube's policies on cannabis-related content have evolved significantly over the years. Historically, the platform maintained stringent restrictions on the monetization of marijuana and drug-related content, disallowing any channel from generating revenue from such videos, regardless of the content's seriousness or informative nature.

However, recent changes reflect the advancing marijuana legislation in the U.S. and various Latin American countries. YouTube has reportedly eased restrictions on cannabis, recreational drugs, and drug-related content, now permitting users to monetize material focusing on the purchase, manufacture, or distribution of drugs, provided it's presented in an objective, informative, educational, and non-glorified manner​​.

The new, more relaxed rules allow ads for content focusing on drug education, music, humorous references to drugs that do not glorify drug use, scientific discussions about drugs, and coverage of drug busts or trafficking in a news context. However, content that depicts or discusses the abuse, purchase, manufacture, sale, or discovery of drugs in graphic detail must disable advertisements​​.

Several popular cannabis-focused YouTube channels have emerged, reflecting a wide array of topics and interests within the cannabis community:

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  1. Terpy Highs: This channel, with over 93.2K subscribers, focuses on cannabis cultivation, processing, and equipment. It started in 2014 and has gained over 6.9 million viewers for its quality content on growing weed, strain reviews, and indoor/outdoor growing techniques​​.
  2. Growing Exposed: With 111K subscribers, this channel covers growing cannabis, cultural aspects, and community trends. It has educated roughly 9.6 million viewers since its inception in 2015​​.
  3. Coral Kamstra-Brown: This channel, started in 2008, has amassed 115K subscribers and 11 million views. It focuses on cannabis lifestyle, culture, and community trends​​.
  4. Silenced Hippie: A prominent channel with 531K subscribers, it addresses cannabis-related illness, support, and ways to alleviate human suffering. Despite being taken down twice, it has garnered over 43 million views since 2014​​.
  5. tokinGLX: This channel has 164K subscribers and offers a variety of content, including growing tips, cannabis product information, and a popular talk show segment called ‘tokin daily'​​.
  6. Legalization News: Focused on industry trends and legal cannabis, this channel is ideal for those interested in the cannabis business, garnering 37.2K subscribers​​.
  7. GreenGrowth CPAs: Unique for its business, finance, and strategy focus within the marijuana industry, this channel has attracted 14.3K subscribers since its establishment in 2018​​.
  8. RuffHouse Studios: One of the most popular channels with 693K subscribers, it has been around since 2007 and offers a vast array of content on cannabis lifestyle, culture, and how-to videos​​.

These channels reflect the diverse interests within the cannabis community, from cultivation and industry trends to lifestyle and cultural aspects, demonstrating the broad appeal and variety of content available on YouTube regarding cannabis.

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