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What is Cannabis oil? Cannabis has been in use for millennia and is one of the oldest plant medicines used. The cannabis plant is an exceptional species that can thrive with proper care in almost any climate.

The plants are primarily used in three separate forms. Marijuana, which is made from the dried leaves and flowers of the plant is the first primary use.

Hashish, or Hash, is the second main use. Hash is often in a paste form consisting of resin released from the female flowers of the cannabis plant.

The third main use, which we will cover more in-depth in this article, is cannabis oil.

What is Cannabis Oil?

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Cannabis oil is the thick liquid substance made by separating the cannabis resin from the flowers through an extraction process. It is an essential oil that is the most concentrated form of the three top uses. The oil can be used in numerous ways and provides many exceptional benefits. However, not all cannabis oils are equal.

When cannabis oil is not professionally extracted, it can include a number of contaminates and may have little medicinal benefit. However, high-quality and pure cannabis oil is an amazing substance that can treat symptoms of many illnesses and diseases, and even help in the prevention of them.

Extraction Process

Extracting the cannabis oil from the plant is a process that requires extensive knowledge and experience. Like growing the cannabis plant itself, a balance is needed between both scientific knowledge and artistic talent. There are many different extraction methods used, and increased technology has recently introduced even more.

The method in which the oil is extracted will have a large effect on the consistency, quality, and optimal method of ingestion. Typically, the process involves the use of steam distillation or a solvent to separate the chemical compounds from the cannabis flowers.

Uses and Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Because cannabis oil is so concentrated, only a small amount is needed to provide results. The oil is ingested in a number of ways including orally, through inhalation, by suppositories, and other methods.

One of the main uses for cannabis oil is the treatment of cancer. However, cannabis oil is very useful for the treatment and relief of many other health concerns and symptoms.


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It is exceptional for reducing stress and anxiety, solving sleep issues, relieving pain, improving heart health, curing headaches and migraines, reducing glaucoma and other eye conditions, as well as protecting and healing the skin.

Other medicinal uses for the oil include diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, arthritis, bowel disease, anorexia, and multiple sclerosis. There are numerous others as well. Because cannabis oil is rich in antioxidants as well, it does wonders for autoimmune diseases of all sorts. Also, it can even limit neurological damage following head trauma or a stroke.

Curing Cancer?

You can find information everywhere claiming that cannabis oil is a cure for cancer. Even the American Cancer Society stated that THC and other cannabinoids had shown to slow cancer growth or kill certain types of cancerous cells in laboratory dishes.

However, they say that testing in humans has not been done extensively and that no scientific evidence based on controlled studies that cannabis oil does have the power to cure cancer. But, there are many stories of cancer victims available that do claim that cannabis oil saved their life. Time and science will tell.

Even if cannabis oil is not directly linked to the killing of cancer cells in the body from a scientific perspective, it cannot be argued that it still provides other significant and even life-altering benefits to those who suffer from the disease.

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