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What to know about THC Vape Juice. What is THC vape juice, you may be wondering? It is also known as e-liquid or e-juice and is a mixture of nicotine, alcohol, water, propylene glycol, food flavoring and vegetable glycerin; not in the same order and not in every instance do they all apply. It was during the period when e-cigarettes were popular that vape juice came onto the market.

It was when the e-cigarette was introduced that vape juice popped up and for people who are familiar with the term, it is safe to say that they know that it has nicotine in it and it is only used to replace the smoking of cigarettes.

The Slang

In the same way that other slangs are used to describe things in the cannabis community, vape juice is no exception. However, you cannot say ‘vape juice' and leave the THC off. You have to distinctly say “THC vape juice or you might confuse some people. There are different ways of making this juice and of course, each way is going to have their advantages and disadvantages, but more of the former than the latter. The simplest way is to make a cannabis tincture and then use it as THC vape juice.

Both vape juice and THC vape juice are the same and usually contain the same things; one with a THC concentrate and one without. The most common THC concentrate are tinctures, liquid THC and CO2 extraction. Cananbis oil can also be used once you dilute it prior to heat application.

The Effects

THC vape juice does have certain effects, especially because it is concentrated. You will have the same effects from it as you would if you were smoking a high grade THC strain. The common effects that you will find with THC vape juice are:

  • Time distortion
  • More receptive to a stimulus
  • Sleepiness
  • Euphoria
  • The munchies

Depending on how your body reacts, the intensity of the effects will vary. You also have to take your metabolism and how your body is composed into consideration. For example, you might be able to handle numerous tokes of THC vape juice while your brother couldn't.


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Do It Yourself

Let's now look at how you would make your very own THC vape juice. Of course, you would need your marijuana plant matter. You would also need to decarboxylate the plant mater for thirty five minutes in an oven heated to 230℉. Once the weed is decarboxylated, put it in a mason jar measuring one quart. Pour alcohol in the jar, but try to avoid pouring isopropyl alcohol. Make sure that the jar is covered tightly.

Shake it well and then put the jar inside a brown paperback. Store the jar in a closed cabinet or even in a closet as long as it is in a dark area; away from sunlight. Allow the jar to stay in the same location for up to sixty days, but no less than thirty days. After it has steeped enough, take out the plant matter in the remaining liquid and this is done by straining the liquid using a cheese cloth. Store the liquid in a clear bottle; away from the sun so you can preserve the potency.

The Dosage

Your THC vape juice should be measured so the dosage can be gauged. If you were to pay for the juice at a local marijuana dispensary, the label on the container would be accurate. You will also learn how much level of THC potency to expect. Make sure you follow the instructions on the label so as to get the best effect.

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