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If you smoke weed on a regular basis, you might already know which cannabis consumption method is the right one for you. Many medical marijuana patients prefer to use tinctures or edibles instead of smoking a joint and that is for one reason only and that is the fact that the joint may produce a harshness that they cannot handle.

It is obvious where they are coming from as it relates to the medical viewpoint and the condition of their lungs. However, there are some recreational users that don't care or possibly, they are able to handle it better. For the medical cannabis, health is the primary reason for their cannabis consumption. For the recreational user, getting a high is the focus.

The medical cannabis patient is looking for ways to improve their health using cannabis products as treatment and so you cannot blame them for trying to find a cannabis consumption method that works for them.

One thing you should know about ingesting edibles and smoking weed is that one is inhaled and the other goes through a breakdown process and both behave very differently. Let us discuss.

Eating Cannabis Edibles

When you eat cannabis edibles as a form of consumption, the product goes through your stomach; live rand breaks down before going into the blood stream. The whole process might take up to an hour and a half. By the time, it gets to your blood stream; the effect will determine the dosage that you had initially.

This means that if you consumed more than the dose that you can manage, you might start to have feelings of paranoia and anxiety. It is going to take four hours or more for you to get it out of your system and you may have to sleep it off first.

The Inhalation of Marijuana

In terms of inhalation as a form of cannabis consumption, the effect is different. The user will start feeling the effects at least fifteen minutes after smoking a joint or hitting a bong. Within the time frame that you are waiting to feel the effect, you could still be taken a number of puffs; adding to the level of the effect.

If you start feeling high while you are smoking, you could take a break and then resume use because this will prevent you from overindulging.

The Cannabis Dosage

When you inhale weed, it has its own medical benefits, especially, if you know how to use it wisely in terms of dosage. The same is true with ingesting edibles. The dosage plays a key role. As with anything else, you don't want to overdo it, even though, you cannot have an overdose with weed. It still remains true that you should be cautious with your dosage.

Marijuana has a wide range of benefits including pain reliever. If you have a headache, for example and you want to get rid of it quickly, ingesting edibles is not going to give you the immediate results that you are seeking. However, inhaling a joint is a quick way for you to find relief. Cannabis consumption through inhalation can help with treating nausea and loss of appetite.

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Someone with nausea does not want to eat a meal and then wait for edibles to go through the bloodstream before feeling relief because it takes up to ninety minutes. But, if the person were to inhale a joint, relief could come within fifteen minutes.

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