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A short guide to water soluble CBD. CBD spelled out in seeds.

A Brief Guide To Water Soluble CBD

Here is a brief guide to water soluble CBD, for those who are passionate about this cannabis derived therapeutic compound.

If you are a frequent user of CBD products then you probably have seen a lot of water-soluble CBD product in shops.

But you might be asking yourself, what is water-soluble CBD? What does it do? Does it work better than the common CBD oil? Will it give me any side effects? This article is going to answer all your questions below:

Water Soluble-CBD: What does it mean?

The most common variety of CBD products is CBD oil. It's easy to incorporate CBD oil into your day-to-day life, for example you can add CBD oil to your salads and even marinades. The problem with CBD is that even if it is easy to use it does not always give efficient results due to limited bioavailability.

It’s a known fact that water and oil don’t mix. Water makes 60% of the human body composition. It's not easy for the CBD compounds to be absorbed by the body’s bloodstream.  CBD oil becomes less efficient because it can’t be absorbed by the body easily.

Water-soluble CBD is the product that has been made so that it can be easily compatible with the human body. Water soluble CBD has molecules that work and bind well with the human body water hence providing efficient results.

How is Water-Soluble CBD made?

The scientific technology process that is used to make water- soluble CBD is called nanotechnology. In a simple term, this technology means that it uses sound waves to break down the CBD molecules into tiny sizes so that they can be easily absorbed by the body.

How Does the Water- soluble CBD Work?

Since it’s easy for water soluble CBD to be absorbed by the human body, it is more readily available for use by cells of your body. Because it is already compatible with your body, water-soluble CBD doesn’t have to go through a lot of processes so that you can feel its effects sooner rather than later.

Here are a couple of enticing facts about water soluble CBD:

1.   It’s a Versatile Product

People tend to have a hard time adding CBD products to their daily lifestyle because of the strong aroma and taste. In as much as they would love to incorporate the CBD product everywhere, they can't stand the strong aroma.

However, water- soluble CBD is a versatile product that can be mixed with anything, be it food or drink. It doesn’t have a strong taste. If you love your morning coffee, you can decide to take it to a whole new level by adding few drops of water-soluble CBD. Another option is to put it in your salads and even while marinating your meat.

Water- soluble CBD will make you enjoy your food better than before because you will feel the effects of the CBD immediately. If you love taking care of your pets you can also add water-soluble CBD to their food or just give the pet the product orally.

2.   Its More Efficient

The many CBD products in the market don’t always offer increased bioavailability. For example, oral CBD has the lowest bioavailability because the body can only absorb 5-18% of the product. This happens because the lipophilic molecules in oral CBD can't be absorbed by the body easily. Most of the CBD ends up being excreted from the body as waste.

However water soluble CBD products are known to guarantee almost 100% bioavailability. So you can be sure when buying a water soluble CBD product that it’s going to give you value for your money. Also remember that in order to be sure you are getting the original water soluble CBD product, it’s better to buy from cannabis dispensaries that sell quality products.

You can also check the reviews on the company website so can you can be 100% sure you are not wasting your money.

3.   It has a Faster Onset

The secret to getting the quick effects of a CBD product is choosing to use a water soluble CBD product. Because it is hydrophilic it will be taken up easily by the bloodstream meaning that relief will be almost immediate.

Many people love using water-soluble CBD to mostly manage the recurring health problems that require immediate effects. This is the best course of action for managing anxiety and sever pain.

4.   It’s Easy To Dose

Cannabis dosing has been a controversial topic in the medicinal cannabis community and a source of concern for clinicians.

While using CBD products most of the time you are never sure how much you are actually taking in. However, water soluble CBD gives you the ability to measure the dose that you are consuming.

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Water- soluble CBD has small molecules which blends consistently through the water. Hence with just shaking the product you end up having the exact amount of CBD in each serving making accurate dosing a possibility.

5.   It’s Safe to Use

It’s a known fact that taking too much of something is harmful. The good thing with CBD being water soluble is that you are ensured you are not taking too much of the product. Your body ends up absorbing just what it needs.


Water- soluble CBD works well by providing better health benefits for the body because of how it is easily absorbed. The important thing is to always ensure that you are buying a quality product that suits your needs. With this brief guide on water soluble CBD you should be able to choose such products.

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