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An in depth look at Foria Wellness

An in depth look at Foria Wellness

An In-depth Review of Foria Wellness

Being one of the most innovative companies in the cannabis space we decided to do an in-depth review of Foria Wellness.

Foria Wellness has risen steadily in popularity in the last couple of years since 2013. It is surprising to know that this great company began with just one product – Foria Pleasure. But this one product, being a newish concept in the cannabis market, sure did catch fire in California and Colorado and the rest is history. Foria is now setting the pace in cannabis wellness as far as intimacy and optimal wellness for women is concerned.

Pleasure is a cannabis arousal lube that is intended to heighten sensation and pleasure during intimacy. Of course the company has a broader range of products by now. However, they have managed to maintain a lean repertoire of products which has worked for them. When you think of cannabis in the bedroom, Foria Wellness comes to mind. This is a secret that most cannabis brands are not aware of; having something specific that your brand can be identified with.

When you open their website you will be welcomed by this catchy slogan; “Plant powered sexual health and wellness.” And that is what they are all about.

Foria Wellness specializes in CBD- rich products, though their initial product Foria pleasure contained THC. Their products are sold online with the intention to improve sex, mitigate pain, and promote overall wellness. Foria has several positive reviews from Shape, Sheknows, Bustle, and New York Magazine which gives it some sort of credibility. Among their most popular products are CBD suppositories and CBD tampons. Of the CBD tampons, one customer had this to say:

“The best thing to happen to your uterus since . . . anything honestly!”

We found that to be quite funny.

Foria Wellness Top Products

Foria Wellness offers Intimacy and Wellness & Relief products. Their current products are derived from organically grown hemp that is sourced in the US. Being sourced from hemp these products are likely to contain minimal levels of THC. Foria claims that their CBD products are broad-spectrum.

Foria products are sold online through their website. The website has a sleek and uncomplicated design. It is easy to navigate and make purchases. Given that the product range is not so wide in comparison to similar websites, finding products is very easy. The product pricing is visible and so is the ingredient list for every product. There are also a couple of customer testimonials that appear genuine.

1.   Awaken Arousal Oil

This CBD product is broad-spectrum and organic. It contains 9 plant based aphrodisiacs with zero THC levels. It is designed to enhance sensual pleasure by increasing lubrication, increasing blood flow and heightening sensation. This should all build up to a better orgasm.

A onetime purchase for a 30mL bottle costs $48.

2.   Intimacy Natural Lubricant with CBD

This CBD based lubricant contains 200mg of broad-spectrum CBD with no additives. It is generally a lube that can be used to enhance solo or partnered sex. The CBD is immersed in MCT oil from cold-pressed coconut.

3.   Intimacy Suppositories

These suppositories contain broad spectrum CBD that is immersed in organic cocoa butter. Each suppository contains 50mg of CBD that is delivered vaginally or rectally to melt tension and increase arousal. Each suppository costs $5.

4.   Foria Wellness CBD Tampons

This is a popular product among women. The CBD tampons are also called Relief suppositories. They are inserted directly into the vagina are intended to combat menstrual pain. Going by the reviews, it seems like they are effective.

5.   Wellness Tonic with CBD

This is a daily CBD supplement that contains broad spectrum CBD and is intended to support wellness. Each bottle contains 30 servings of active CBD and costs $58.

Certificates of analysis for all the products can be found at the bottom of the product page. Here are a few pros about the products that are offered by this company:

  • Women-centered products
  • Zero THC
  • Organically grown hemp
  • Free shipping on orders exceeding $50

Foria Wellness Discounts and Deals

The easiest way to get a deal from this company is to make use of their bundle and save or subscribe and save offers. This will save you up to 15% on every purchase.

You can also get a deal if you belong in any of the four categories listed below:

  • Military
  • First Responder
  • Medical personnel
  • Teacher

If you belong to any of the above categories, this is how to go about getting a discount:

  1. Click to get your code
  2. Verify your pass
  3. You will receive a one-time discount code
  4. You will go through the same process on you next purchase

Foria Wellness Review Conclusion

Foria Wellness appears to be a credible company making an impact in the CBD space. They stand out because they have focused on one particular niche that was previously untapped: women’s sexuality. The quality of their products appear to be of reputable standard. We particularly love that you can access third-party testing results on their website.

Going by customer reviews, this company seems to be doing well as far as customer service goes.

Our best product from Foria Wellness is the CBD intimacy suppository which is supposed to rev things up in the bedroom. There are a couple of positive reviews about this product and it seems like it does the job that it is intended to do. One customer says that orgasms are more intense when she has used this product.

Our overall take on this company is that it is one of the most promising in the cannabis space. We are looking forward to the next products that they will come up with- perhaps something to help prostate owners get more sensual pleasure.

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This concludes our review of Foria Wellness, we hope that the insights provided are helpful.

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