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CBD-Infused Marijuana Products: Everything You Need To Know. Marijuana bud and concentrates.

CBD-Infused Cannabis Products: Everything You Need To Know

The numerous benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) are now widely known not only among the cannabis industry, but the general public as well. Although its popularity is far behind that of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), growing awareness of its healing properties is responsible for the increasing popularity of CBD oil, tinctures, and other related products. Infused products, such as CBD edibles and soft drinks, are also rising in popularity—as are CBD-specific strains for those who prefer smoking.

The attraction of CBD products is understandable considering its many health and relaxation benefits. The science of CBD is still in its infancy, but clinical evidence supports its healing properties and applications for a range of conditions. Specifically, CBD appears to have uses for the reduction of anxiety and depression, pain relief, seizure prevention, cardiovascular health, and the reduction of inflammation and nausea. It also has applications as a cancer inhibitor—perhaps its most exciting benefit and one that requires more research.

People who’ve smoked marijuana are familiar with the effects of THC since it’s the cannabinoid that produces the soaring high that makes cannabis popular. Combined with the various terpenes found in sativa and indica strains, cannabis can have a range of effects. While awareness and appreciation of CBD is increasing steadily, THC is the cannabinoid that drives the explosive popularity of the legal medical and recreational markets. The medical benefits of THC include its use for pain relief, muscle relaxation, glaucoma, insomnia, nausea, and the reduction of anxiety and depression. With additional research, an increasing number of medical applications for both CBD and THC will most likely become apparent and supported by clinical studies.

Strains High in CBD

As the cultivation of hemp, which is often used for CBD extracts, and marijuana strains that are high in CBD continues to increase, the number of CBD-specific strains rises. There’s a good chance your favorite dispensary has some CBD flower on its shelves right now. Whether they’re marketed as such or not, strains high in CBD include: CBD Mango Haze, Ringo’s Gift, Charlotte’s Web, Dance World, Rubicon, Harlequin, Hawaiian Dream, Jamaican Lion, Island Sweet Skunk, Desert Ruby, ACDC, Cannatonic, Sweet and Sour Widow, Blueberry Essence, Devil Fruit, Afghani CBD, Dark Star, Digweed, CBD Shark, Stephen Hawking Kush, Pennywise, Sour Tsunami, Remedy, and Suzy Q (this list is far from complete). The CBD oil created from these strains will provide a powerful boost of relaxing, healing CBD.

Strains High in THC

Cannabis cultivators are constantly striving to boost THC levels and create new strains. Some of the current strains known for high THC levels include Girl Scout Cookies, Ghost OG, Kosher Kush, Chemdawg, Ghost Train Haze, Death Star, The White, Amnesia Haze, White Fire OG (aka Wi-Fi OG), Godfather OG, Strawberry Banana, Nova OG, King Tut, Durban Cookies, Tickle Kush, Strawberry Cough, Liberty Haze, and Gorilla Glue. These strains—as well as oil produced from them—will produce a higher-than average potency and effect when smoked or vaped.

Combined THC & CBD Oil

The cannabis oil market has grown to include oils that contain more than just THC or CBD. The popularity of concentrate oils that combine THC as well as CBD are on the rise. Although CBD is known to counteract the euphoric effects of THC, vaping oils that double up on these cannabinoids have met with approval from cannabis shoppers who have an appetite for new products and want to reap the health benefits of both.

Combined cannabinoid oils with sativa- or indica-specific THC added seem to include more indica-and-CBD oils than those with sativa, perhaps due to the relaxing properties of both indica and CBD. One such oil is the Alchemy™ Balance oils from Evolabs. The Evolab oil contains 35 percent THC and 35 percent CBD, as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Why Combine Them?

The future of products that combine both of the major cannabinoids is bound to continue and grow. These products allow cannabis patients and connoisseurs to enjoy the heath benefits from both CBD and THC simultaneously—much like when consuming strains containing good amounts of both.

Most cannabis products offered for sale these days besides flower zero in on one major cannabinoid or the other. Most oils and other concentrates will contain extremely high THC percentages but zero CBD. Likewise, CBD products typically boost CBD and eliminate, or all but eliminate, THC from the active cannabinoids.

Concentrates that combine both is an emerging area of relevant cannabis products. With natural cannabis terpenes also included in the mix, there could be increased health benefits from these products compared to those with just one cannabinoid. There is much talk these days about the “entourage effect,” the beneficial interplay and synergy that results from combinations and interactions of cannabinoids and terpenes. Cannabis products that combine THC, CBD, and terpenes will promote the entourage effect much more than typical marijuana concentrates.

A Different Take on Moonrocks

Although not as popular as oils that contain THC and CBD, moonrocks are another perfect way to enjoy both at once. Moonrocks are typically made with extremely concentrated dosages of THC, so CBD Moonrocks puts a new spin on this product.

Moonrocks is the universal term for a specific kind of cannabis concentrates product. They are sometimes marketed under other names that are usually thought up by the company that produced them. For those who aren’t familiar with moonrocks, creating them is relatively simple if you have the three necessary ingredients: cannabis flower, CBD oil, and kief or loose trichomes collected from the bottom kief trap of a good-quality flower grinder. It doesn’t matter if the kief is from a flower high in CBD or THC, either will work equally well.

Top-shelf cannabis flower high in THC serves as the overall foundation for moonrocks. The size of the buds should be about the size of a thumbnail, and they should have an excellent trim job, with no leaves protruding.

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The next item you need is a container of CBD oil—not a vaporizer cartridge but a small vial sold for use as a bowl topper or dab rig. Assemble the buds on a clean surface, and spread a thick coating of oil on all of them. This can be a sticky job, so do your best to avoid getting the oil in contact with anything other than the buds. Once the buds all have a coating of oil and are saturated as much as possible, spread a layer of kief out on a clean surface much like you would spread out a layer of flour to coat biscuit dough prior to baking cutting and baking them. With the kief layer in place, simply take each oil-soaked bud (a dab tool or knife may be useful for this) and roll each bud in kief until it has a thick coating of kief coating the oiled surface of the flower. The resulting oil-and-kief-covered flower are moonrocks. Never store moonrocks in a plastic bag because they will stick and degrade quickly.

Moonrocks made with THC-potent flower and CBD oil, and coated in kief, are a high-potency product that should be smoked rather than vaped. A pipe is the best way to consume moonrocks. You will notice that the bowl burns a long time, much like it does when topping flower with oil, which is very similar. Mixing the bowl after a few hits will break up the moonrocks and make it easier to smoke the remaining bowl contents.

Moonrocks are a fun and high-powered way to consume cannabis. And making moonrocks with potent flower and CBD oil allows you to get concentrated doses of both cannabinoids, as well as receive the benefits of both. Enjoy!

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