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The community of Silver Lake in Los Angeles is tucked away from Sunset Boulevard, but that doesn't mean that it remains quite. This area does have that CBD trend that is steadily infecting the nation.

In fact, the company Moon Juice has carved out a place in the cannabis industry and in that particular community. As you enter the business and you walk past the leafy marijuana plants, you will see shelves with cannabis products such as beauty elixirs, cannabis beverages and body creams; just to name a few. The cost for the sixteen ounce bottle labeled “Gracious Green” is about $11, which is quite reasonable.

CBD Product Offer

The Moon Juice is proud of being part of the CBD trend as it relates to offering products that foster well being, health and beauty. The company offers customers plant-based beverages that act as tonics. In fact, in their inventory, you will come across cold-pressed beverages and mineral blend beverages known as Moon Dusts.

One celebrity endorsed the Moon Juice as one of the best CBD trend that brought products to the market that she also uses and that is Gwyneth Paltrow. Products being offered consist of ingredients like plant protein, chia seed, spirulina and probiotics.

The CBD Living Water

CBD or cannabidiol has gotten quite popular and is being used in various types of juices and other beverages. CBD Living Water is also a company in Los Angeles that makes bottled water infused with CBD. The water is said to be effective in giving the maximum hydration. It appears to be better than the other bottled water because this water absorbs in your body quicker and fosters wellness. Moon Juice so carries this bottled water on their shelves.

A few miles into the Silver Lake community, there are also a lot of organic and smoothie ships hawking the CBD trend in various types of cannabis products. Most of these weed shops will often sell these products for $3 and up. These marijuana products are said to help with ailments like anxiety and anti-inflammatory disorders.

No Alterations

The products at Moon Juice contain CBD in the form of infused oil, especially olive oil. You would consume it through a dropper under your tongue. Each serving cost only $3.50 and many medical cannabis patients use it also to add to their coffees, juices, matcha and smoothies.

So, you don't have to take it under your tongue sublingually. The products are free of THC and so, they won't get you high and the CBD will not change the taste of your beverage either. There are no significant alterations to your beverage's composition or flavor.

The CBD Popularity

For years, the CBD trend was not so obvious since many consumers preferred the high they got from THC products. However, since so many people were suffering from illnesses like seizures and anti-inflammatory disorders, the CBD trend has become quite popular.

Now CBD has become conventional and medical cannabis patients love it. It has been reported that CBD product sales are up in the United States as more people are being aided by it for their health. Without a doubt, this CBD trend has taken on a life of its own and holds considerable promise for the future and cannabis patients must feel vindicated for trusting that it will work for their illnesses.

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Final Thoughts on CBD

Moon Juice started its quest for this CBD trend about one year ago and has seen sales skyrocket since then. This is especially true since recreational cannabis was introduced. Why? Well, Moon Juice has been taking advantage of both THC and CBD products to serve different customers across the spectrum. Go to the Cannabis Training University to learn more about this CBD trend.

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