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It's time to discover the benefits of CBD strips. There are some positive benefits to using CBD strips. When you administer CBD strips, the medicine goes into your skin and into your blood stream; making waves for improved health. Using CBD strips means that you don't have to take an injection.

This is certainly a welcomed opportunity for people who do not like to take injections. Moreover, these do not carry any risks while some injections do. CBD strips are a simplified way to take your medicine. It all depends on your illness and your tolerance level to other types of medicine.

Ways to Consume CBD

There are several ways that you can consume or ingest CBD into your body. You can smoke it or you can use a vape pen with high grade CBD strains. Or, you can dab a concentrate that has more CBD than THC. You can consume CBD in edibles. You could also use CBD tincture drops under your tongue.

While tinctures and edibles are more discreet, the strips of CBD are much more discreet because edibles when it gets into your bloodstream could leave you paranoid and your co-workers could have questions, if they saw you taking drops under your tongue. Strips of CBD are more subtle and inconspicuous. For this reason, many medical cannabis users make the choice of CBD strips to get rid of pain and alleviate other illnesses such as anxiety.

How To Use CBD Strips

You can administer CBD strips by doing the same thing that you would do with breath strips. However, you wouldn't place them on the tongue like you would the breath strips. You wouldn't swallow it either. Rather, you would put the CBD strips under the tongue until it dissolved.

Once it melts, then it will be directly absorbed into the bloodstream after passing through your sublingual artery. People use it this way because it is the most intense way to get CBD into the body. If you don't mind waiting for its dissolution, you would place it against one side of the cheek.

The Process

If you were to put CBD into your system using dab concentrate, vaporizer, edibles or smoking, it should be done through the stomach. When you use a CBD strip, it bypasses all of the systems we have already discussed in this article. It quickly delivers medication straight into the bloodstream, if we are comparing it with any other dissolvable strips. CBD strips unlike cannabis pills and edibles do not cause any form of acidic irritation in the stomach.

Once you swallow any form of edibles, it has to break down first before absorbing into the bloodstream. After being absorbed, it still has make passage through the liver prior to entering the bloodstream, it also goes to the brain where it interacts with the endocannaboinoid system.

This process takes about an hour or an hour and a half. And with that long trek through your digestive system, it will remove all of the CBD potency. The potency reduction is called ‘bioavailability,' which is less s it relates to smoking, edibles, vaping and dabbing.

Final Summary on CBD Strips

When you put the CBD strips under the tongue and it dissolves so you don't have to swallow that is the time that it is directly absorbed into the sublingual artery. It leaves from there to the carotid external artery. Then, it makes the short trip to the brain. It is easier and you get faster results using CBD strips compared to edibles or smoking weed.

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