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chicken coop hemp bedding in a coop with chickens, chicks, and a rake
Chicken Coop Hemp Bedding

Industrial hemp has a variety of different uses, from hemp oil, hemp seeds, hemp building materials, clothing, and industrial hemp bedding. The hemp plant is versatile, and we can use almost all of its parts for something beneficial. This includes the flowers, leaves, and stem.

What is Hemp Bedding?

Hemp bedding is made from the hurd of the hemp plant. Hurd refers to the stalk or stem of the hemp plant that is sturdy. When making animal bedding, the hurd is mulched down into a texture similar to hay or any other animal bedding. Hemp bedding is all-natural, friendly to animals, and has no odor.

You may need hemp bedding for your chickens, horses, rabbits, and mice. When it comes to your chickens and other pets, you must think about giving them the best bedding. For this, you might want to consider hemp. It doesn’t cause respiratory troubles in your pets, unlike other artificial and dangerous pet bedding.

Uses of Hemp Bedding

What can you use is for? Let’s take a look.

  • Bedding for chicken coops
  • Bedding for rabbits
  • Horse bedding
  • Bedding for mice, gerbils, and hamsters

Benefits of Using Hemp Bedding

The hemp plant provides many health benefits due to its CBD content in the leaves and flowers. However, even its stem has some significant advantages for animal bedding. Let's find out.

1.     Sustainable

In this day and age, everyone is starting to realize the importance of protecting the earth. People are finding more ways to reduce waste and the impact of toxic materials on the environment.

When it comes to hemp, this plant does not need any pesticides to thrive. When we stop making harsh chemicals and spraying them into the earth, we make a better planet. This is one of the most significant advantages of using hemp bedding for your pets.

2.     Absorbs Moisture

The most important thing to look out for when choosing the right bedding for your pets is the absorbing power of the material. No one wants their beloved pets to live in wet and smelly environments. Hemp is super-absorbent, and it is not porous enough for wetness and smells to permeate the space.

3.     Natural Pest Repellent

The hemp plant does not need pesticides because it naturally repels pests. When the hemp plant is converted to hemp bedding, its pest repellant attribute remains. Using it is excellent because it will ensure that any insects are not attracted to your pet's living area. It's a great way to maintain the health of your pets.

Where Can I Buy Hemp Bedding for Chickens? 

What is the best hemp bedding for chicken coops? Let's take a look at some of the best hemp bedding products that you can use for hens and other pets like mice or hamsters.

Carolina Coops

Carolina Coops Industrial hemp bedding is one of the most absorbent hemp bedding on the market. Carolina Coop's hemp has been grown in France for over 20 years and it is tested and packaged in the USA. This hemp bedding is eco-friendly and produced without any harsh chemicals.

This coop bedding will smell fresh and clean, and this is one advantage it has over wood shavings. It absorbs moisture, and this also helps with reducing odor in the coop. Carolina Coop Hemp Bedding is a sustainable product and can be used for compost since it is biodegradable.

Dr. Hemp All Natural Pet Bedding

Dr. Hemp Amazing Pet Bedding is an organic Netherlands-farmed USA-packaged hemp bedding product. It is a high-absorbency animal bedding that can absorb four times its weight, allowing chicken coops and other pet litter to stay dry longer than traditional animal bedding made of straw and wood shavings.

It is also highly sustainable and lasts long, which means that you can save money by not replacing your bedding quickly. This reduces wastage of land, labor, and transport.

Dr. Hemp's pet bedding is excellent at absorbing animal wastes and keeps their living space fresh and odor-free. It can also be used for animals other than chicken, for example, rabbits, chinchillas, mice, and hamsters.

Earth Supply Co All-Natural Pet Bedding

Earth Supply Hemp bedding is an excellent option for pet habitat bedding. It is made using pure hemp grown all-natural and without any harsh chemicals that can be transferred to your pets when used as bedding. This product is safe for all pets, including chicken, ferrets, and mice.

It absorbs four times its weight and is twice as absorbent as pine shavings. It absorbs all the pet waste instead of sinking to the bottom of clumping up like other animal bedding products.

Hemp bedding is soft and gentle with chicken eggs and provides enough cushion and warmth for hatching them. It is also free from dust, and this protects your pets from respiratory problems.

RentACoop Bedding

This is a hemp bedding product that you can utilize not just for chickens but also for cats, rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs. RentACoop bedding absorbs pet waste and won't smell. You won't need to replace your pet's bedding every day because this hemp bedding can last for almost six months without any replacement or maintenance.

This chicken coop hemp bedding is made without pesticides or other harmful chemicals that could be transferred to the animals and affect their health. Since hemp is a natural pest repellant, it will keep mites and other insects away from your animal’s habitat.

Rural365 Chicken Coop Bedding

Rural365 Hemp Coop Bedding provides a soft and comfortable environment for your chickens and their eggs. Hemp bedding offers a high thermal rating that helps with egg incubation.

It absorbs chicken waste and traps the odor, making it easier for the birds to sleep and move around with ease. This hemp bedding is twice as absorbent as other beddings like pine and wood chips.

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Rural365 also ensures less dust for your animals, along with having no harmful chemicals in it. This means that you and your chicken will have easy breathing without any potential for respiratory diseases.

This all-natural hemp animal bedding is sustainable and lasts long, almost up to 6 months without replacing. You can turn over the bedding after some time to use the fresher side.


Industrial hemp bedding is the ultimate choice for animal habitats. If you have chicken, horses, mice, rabbits, or cats, look into this all-natural plant bedding that is free of harsh chemicals and a natural pest repellant. It is more absorbent than regular pet bedding made of pine and wood shavings.

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