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hemp blunt wraps with cannabis buds
Hemp Blunt Wraps

In this article, we shall look at the best natural hemp blunt wraps and why they are a better alternative to tobacco wraps.

What Are Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps are pieces of thin paper made using hemp leaves. Smokers use hemp wraps to pack and roll a joint or blunt. Some people would prefer to use a bong or a vaporizer to inhale their weed, but others love the ritual of rolling a blunt. Hemp wraps are the alternatives to blunt wraps.

As people become more conscious about their health and the environment, they understand the need to look for healthier and more sustainable options to enjoy their favorite things. That’s where the demand for hemp wraps comes in.

Blunt wraps are similar to hemp paper wraps, but they contain nicotine, which gives a buzz when smoked. Hemp wraps will eliminate the nicotine from the wrap. The dangers of nicotine are well known. Did you know that nicotine is used as an insecticide for plants?

You can see why people don’t want nicotine in their bodies anymore. On the other hand, some hemp wraps will even provide a kick of CBD.

Are Hemp Wraps Better For You? 

What are the benefits of hemp wraps? Many people want to know if hemp wraps are better than tobacco wraps.

Hemp Wraps Don't Have Any Tobacco

As you already know, nicotine found in tobacco is addictive and causes many health issues such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and pulmonary disease.

Hemp wraps do not contain nicotine or any other toxic chemicals. They are made using hemp leaves, which are converted to thin paper used for packing and rolling a blunt. Therefore, hemp wraps are ideal for health-conscious smokers who want to give up tobacco.

Great for Vegans

Absence of nicotine is not the only reason why hemp wraps are better for you. Hemp wraps are excellent for vegans. Another highly conscious group of people, vegans will appreciate rolling papers made entirely from plant-based, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients.

CBD Content

Additionally, some hemp wraps will come with CBD content. CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that can reduce chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia. It's a great alternative to use in place of tobacco wraps for healthier and more natural rolling paper.

Smooth Burn

Hemp wraps also impart a smooth and slow burn when smoking. Since they are free of toxic chemicals, they won’t burn your throat and lungs with harsh smoke.

The experience of smoking tobacco-free wraps is smoother and more enjoyable than tobacco wraps, especially because some of these wraps come in different sweet flavors.

Best Hemp Wraps

For those asking, Where can I get hemp wraps? We have compiled a list of the best organic hemp wrapping paper to heighten your smoking experience, free from nicotine and tobacco. Let’s look at some non-tobacco healthy blunt wraps.

Juicy Jay's Superfine Flavored Hemp Rolling Papers

Juicy Jay’s hemp wraps are lightweight and flavored for a great smoking experience. This product comes in 7 exciting flavors including sticky candy, white grape, and vanilla ice.

The superfine paper is light and delicate, but still packs a lot of volume. It produces less ash when smoking, but imparts a sweet flavored scent. The rolling papers are hemp and soy-based so they are the perfect vegan blunt wraps.

The adhesive in these hemp rolling papers is natural and will stick with a little moisture. They are easy to roll and a favorite among seasoned smokers. Juicy Jay’s is great for anyone who needs a thin and flavored version of hemp rolling paper for a twist in traditional toking up.

Higher Standards Hemp Wraps

Higher Standards hemp wraps have a natural and smooth-smoking flavor. They are made without any nicotine, GMO’s, or pesticides, making them all-natural and sustainable. These wraps burn slower than the average wraps and the experience is very enjoyable.

The rolling paper is easy to roll with and is the perfect size for packing a huge volume and rolling. It doesn't tear off, sticks easily, and seals perfectly. These hemp leaf wraps are perfect for people who don't want any flavor messing up their authentic smoking experience. Users love to use these hemp wraps to roll a blunt because they help to quit nicotine.

Twisted Hemp Designer Blends Premium Hemp Wraps

Twisted Hemp is a popular hemp paper among smokers. These wraps are made using hemp and no other pesticides or harsh chemicals, contributing to a smooth and slow burn. Twisted hemp rolls come with twisted cut edges that help ensure a perfect seal after rolling, so you don't lose any of your precious bud.

The flavor on these papers is strong, which is great if you love a citrus and honey taste with your bud. It does provide a nice burn, even though it contains no nicotine and tobacco. You can use these to pre-roll all your blunts for easy access when you need them.

Hemp Zone Rillo Size Hemp Wrap

Hemp Zone makes hemp wraps with a variety of flavors, such as sweet, kush, bee berry, kiwi strawberry, and natural. The natural flavored hemp wraps will be suitable for anyone who doesn't like to taint their experience with a sweet taste. Hemp Zone wraps impart a woody and earthy taste for the ones who want a more down-to-earth toking experience.

Hemp Zone natural wraps are made from sustainable Canadian hemp. It is farmed using no pesticides, harsh chemicals like chlorine, or any GMO-products. These flavored hemp wraps contain no nicotine and tobacco, which means they are great for smokers looking to quit nicotine addiction.

Raw King Size Slim Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

These natural unrefined rolling papers are made using pure organic hemp and natural gum. They don’t contain any additives like nicotine, and are vegan. They are ultra-thin and translucent, which allows for a tightly packed blunt.

These organic smoking wraps will deliver a slow and smooth burn. They are clean and pure, made without any chemicals that would otherwise burn your throat while inhaling. A little bit of moisture will have them sticking to the gum strip.

King Palm Slim Size Natural Pre-Wrap Palm Leafs

King Palm wraps are an exciting product for any smoker. They cater to people who have not yet mastered the art of rolling a blunt. These cones are pre-rolled, which means you don't have to split, lick or roll your blunts by yourself. All you have to do is pack your dry herbs in and you’re all set.

Each King Palm is individually picked, cleaned and hand-rolled for a personal touch. They don’t contain harmful chemicals or nicotine. Smoking these reveals that they are resilient and slow-burning. These pre-rolled wraps also come with corn-husk filters that make sure no loose herbs will fall through.

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High Hemp Organic Rolling Paper

High Hemp is another household name when it comes to packing and rolling. These ultra-fine papers are perfect for expert blunt rollers. They are transparent with a gum strip that sticks with a little lick of the tongue.

High Hemp organic hemp blunt wraps will give a slow and smooth burn, making them last longer than the average blunt rolls. Smokers love to use these rolling papers to quit nicotine use. These hemp wraps are also sustainable, reduce waste in the environment, and do not contribute to pollution via toxic chemicals.

Conclusion on Hemp Blunt Wraps

Natural hemp wraps are the future for blunt rolling and smoking. They are all-natural, contain no GMO, and do not use harmful and addictive substances such as nicotine. Nowadays, people are seeking to recover from nicotine addiction. Using alternative blunt wraps is the perfect solution for removing nicotine and tobacco from a smoking session.

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