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Hemp Cigarettes

For those wondering about the best hemp cigarettes that 2021 has to offer, look no further. Hemp cigarettes have taken the world by storm as they can actually benefit the smoker in the form of CBD.

Traditional cigarettes are filled with additives and other chemicals meant to preserve freshness.

The aspect of quitting nicotine that a number of non-smokers don’t realize is people enjoy the process of smoking. This could be stepping outside with a friend or in the morning with a cup of coffee.

Breaking these habits with hemp cigarettes is more than possible with the potential of lowering your anxiety levels.

Hemp cigarettes differ in quality, price, and flavor. You do not want to pay premium prices for hemp grown unnaturally or is riddled with chemicals. The flavors that are offered could include menthol or a number of other favorites.

Using Hemp as a Harm Reduction Approach

Smoking a pack or two of hemp cigarettes is most likely going to have negative health impacts like that of cigarettes. Moderation is important and hemp cigarettes can be used as a harm reduction approach. Smoking a single hemp cigarette might also fulfill your smoking desire for far longer than one with addictive nicotine.

The ability to smoke a hemp cigarette can give you the effects that a traditional cigarette does. CBD has been linked with lowering anxiety and smoking is something people rely on to relieve stress.

There are a number of people that are using hemp to help them quit smoking. Studies are being done on this currently and showing promising signs for breaking nicotine addiction.

Below is our review of the best hemp cigarettes in 2021.

Alt Smokes Hemp Cigarettes

Alt Smokes prides itself on providing only the purest hemp cigarettes. 65 milligrams per hempette is something that you can expect which allows a consumer to dose out their CBD consumption.

The lab tests done by Alt Smokes are also important as they can show explicitly how naturally they are grown. Chemical levels being elevated could indicate the use of pesticides or toxic runoff water.

The truth is that being downhill from an irresponsible farmer can impact hemp crops negatively. Unfortunately, not all brands dedicate themselves to a clean hemp cigarette like that of Alt Smokes.

This is a brand in the hemp cigarette niche that is here to stay with a dedication to customer experience. 

Breaking the harmful addiction to nicotine has never been easier. Not all generations of smokers had the ability to switch out their traditional cigarettes with a hempette that could potentially improve their health.

Here at CTU, we prefer Alt Smokes and the hemp cigarettes they provide. The dedication to growing quality hemp is nearly unmatched in the cannabis industry.

The lab tests prove what they claim on the website with great terpene profiles as well. Independent lab testing is the only way that a brand can be trusted and lack of testing could be a sign of lack of quality of hemp.

Recap of this Hemp Cigarette:

  • Naturally grown in Tennessee
  • 65 MG of CBD per Cigarette
  • Great Taste
  • Reasonably Priced
  • 100% US grown hemp

Wild Hemp Cigarettes

Wild Hemp Cigarettes are a giant in the industry while using 100 percent US-grown hemp like Alt Smokes does. The brand does not just focus on hemp cigarettes as they have topical and edible options as well. Note that a strong hemp aroma can cause issues with employers or family members due to smelling like marijuana.

There are 75 milligrams per hemp cigarette but it has been noted the flavor is not for everybody. This is a quality brand that can be trusted.

Recap of this Hemp Cigarette:

  • 75 milligrams for cigarette
  • Not the best in terms of flavor
  • Aroma can cause issues

Redwood Reserves

Redwood Reserves look exactly like traditional cigarettes but do not carry the smell. These hemp cigarettes range in CBD levels from 80 to 100 milligrams per cigarette. The hemp is grown in Oregon which has notoriously great weather for certain strains of hemp.

The drawback of these hemp cigarettes is that of the differing CBD per cigarette. Some people might not want to consume a certain level and these leave an opening for the overconsumption of CBD.

This will not have serious health consequences but consumers should know how much of something they are putting in their body.

Recap of this Hemp Cigarette:

  • Varying CBD levels per cigarette.
  • Naturally grown in Oregon
  • Different flavors available
  • Wide terpene profile

Diesel Puff

Diesel Puff does a great job in growing their hemp to give it very similar to that of the famous marijuana strain Sour Diesel. There are 0.6 grams of hemp per cigarette which is on the lower end when compared to other brands on this list.

Lemon and citrus flavors are quite prevalent which is not for all taste preferences. Look for energy after the consumption of this as it is a Sativa-dominant hemp strain.

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Recap of this Hemp Cigarette:

  • Great genetics of hemp
  • Citrus flavor
  • 6 grams of hemp per cigarette
  • Sour Diesel relative

LuckyLeaf Cigarettes

LuckyLeaf Cigarettes look like traditional cigarettes that deliver on levels of CBD. The CBD levels are 100 milligrams per cigarette. The brand also has a smooth taste that some smokers will love. These are a bit cheaper than some other brands which is good for those that smoke quite a lot of hemp.

Recap of this Hemp Cigarette:

  • A great affordable option if budget is an issue.
  • 100 milligrams of CBD per cigarette.
  • Smooth taste.

Hemp Cigarettes Conclusion

Looking into hemp cigarettes is immensely important for your health and overall wellbeing. Hemp has been grown for thousands of years and smoked by farmers. The natural aspect of hemp cigarettes is one to focus on especially when trying to break your addiction to tobacco.

Giving up smoking completely might seem like too much as the process of smoking can provide relief due to its familiarity.

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