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hemp plant field to be used for hemp clothing

Hemp Plant Field

For thousands of years, hemp fabric has been the go-to for several items, from clothing to ropes to paper. It is one of the most durable fibers in the world. Hemp clothing looks similar to cotton and linen and are often mistaken for the other.

Since it is very similar to marijuana, hemp and its products are not legal in some areas.

In this article, we will discuss why this fabric should be in your wardrobe. You will also discover some of the best hemp clothing and brands you should check out today.

What is Hemp Clothing Made of?

Hemp fabric is made from stalk fibers of the Cannabis Sativa plant. They take the outer layer of the stalk, which is then processed to produce the material. This stalk also helps in the making of several other items like rope, yarn, and paper.

Why Hemp Clothing?

Hemp clothing is a must have in your wardrobe for many reasons. Not only are they super comfortable, but also suitable for all seasons. Maintaining them is straightforward as they don't wear out quickly.

1.   Hemp is environmentally friendly

Hemp uses much less water to irrigate than other fabric producing plants like cotton. This reduces water consumption in making its clothing. Hemp uses less carbon dioxide in production than it provides. It is therefore more sustainable to use.

Additionally, it uses very little to no fertilizers and other chemicals, which could harm the soil or pollute water bodies.

2.   Provides extra comfort

Hemp makes soft, durable, breathable, and thermo-regulating fabric. These factors make it very comfortable to wear. They can keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

Additionally, it is also more water-absorbent than other fabrics, helping it retain dye much longer.

3.   Hemp is durable

Hemp fabric is much more durable than other alternatives like cotton. It also gets softer with every wash but at a slower rate, mainly because of its fibers' strength. Therefore, you can use your hemp clothing for a longer time than others as it gets more comfortable.

4.   Hemp fabric is socially responsible

Hemp is harvested and processed mainly by hand. This means that more people remain employed on these farms and factories. That improves their living standards in the long run. Other fabrics mostly use machines to process.

Common questions users usually have about hemp clothing include;

Is Hemp Clothing Expensive?

Hemp clothing can be a bit more expensive than other materials, like most organic fabrics. They are a product of hemp, which poses a low impact to the environment and requires no chemical additions to grow.

The fabrics are also mainly imported because of several federal restrictions on the growth and processing of hemp. As a result, it should come at a hefty price tag when you eventually find it at a store.

Is Hemp Clothing Comfortable?

Hemp clothing is reportedly very comfortable on the skin. It is water-absorbent and breathable, making it suitable for almost any season. Like cotton, you can feel it getting softer after every wash, though not necessarily weaker, as some may assume.

Due to its unique texture and fiber, users often wonder how to wash hemp clothing. It tends to lose color with time when washed in strong detergent and warm water. It could also lose texture quickly when exposed to high heat in a dryer or when ironing.

So the best way is to wash in cold water. Then, iron, when the clothes are still damp to keep the fiber strength.

Is Hemp Clothing Better than Cotton?

Hemp clothing is by far stronger and better insulating than cotton. Environmentally, it's more sustainable since it requires less water and chemicals to grow. However, for clothes, some stretch is often desirable, making cotton a better alternative for many.

Is Hemp Clothing Legal?

Due to its similarity with marijuana, hemp growing in the United States is legal with serious restrictions. As a result, hemp processing is not common in the United States.

However, it is not illegal to import it, which is what many sustainability brands do. So, wearing hemp clothing is totally legal.

What is Hemp Used for in Clothing?

The use of hemp in clothing is growing in popularity. Not only is it a sustainable option to most fabrics, but it is also stronger and more durable. Some amazing hemp products on the market include:


Sustainable brands have adopted the fabric to make t-shirts, dresses, pants, and underwear. Hemp fabric produces a neater and sleek fitting to most clothing.

Furthermore, it has gained a larger market because of the growing interest in a sustainable fashion industry.


Hemp is still an excellent fabric for house furniture mostly because of its durable texture. So, for busy homes, it makes a better option than cotton.

Unlike standard furniture options like leather, hemp is a natural, organic, and vegan fabric. This makes it the go-to for those seeking to maintain an environmentally responsible living space.


Hemp fabric works perfectly for beddings too. The material is breathable, is absorbent, and adjusts in different seasons. These factors make them an excellent option for extra bed comfort.

Furthermore, high-quality beddings can be pretty expensive. Thus, the durability of hemp ensures you can use them for a much longer time before replacement.

Many wonder where to buy clothing made of hemp. Several brands now stock up on sustainable clothing, including hemp.

What Clothing Brands Use Hemp?

Hemp has become a common fabric for brands that want to be more socially responsible in their production. Some of the best brands using hemp in their clothes include:


As one of the leading brands dealing with hemp on the market, they make stylish outfits for different customer types. You can find various styles of shirts, jackets, kids' wear, tops, etc.

They focus on providing sustainable fashion at reasonable prices—many of their items are as low as $30.

Patagonia Hemp Clothing Collection

Patagonia has gradually increased its hemp collection. They make high quality and durable outfits like summer shorts, shirts, coveralls, etc.

Many of them are made with blends from other fabrics like cotton. Patagonia clothing is relatively more expensive than other brands.


Based in Los Angeles, Recreator puts a fashion-forward touch to hemp clothing. They have a wide range of stylish hemp graphic tees, shorts, hoodies, pants, and many others. Many of the clothes can be a little pricey but worth every penny.


Hempy's is one of the cheaper alternatives you are going to get in hemp clothing. They take pride in being a sustainable brand with high-quality products.

Their sustainable collection covers different clothing and accessories like hats, wallets, journals, etc.

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WAMA Underwear

WAMA Underwear is the leading brand for hemp undies for both men and women. The fabric's softness and antibacterial properties makes it one of the best options for protecting your junk.

Toad & Co

Toad&Co creates environmentally responsible clothing from hemp and other organic blends. Their products target various customer groups.

From formal shirts to casual tees and tops, you can add some stylish hemp clothing from this brand. Their pricing is more mid-range, so it won't break the bank.


Hemp clothing is a must-have in your wardrobe this year. Try not to look at it as hippie fashion. Hemp clothes are now available in various styles and blends.

Hemp can be imported to the US and without any issues. So, check out some of the brands above and grab a few pieces for yourself. Your body and the environment will thank you.

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